Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Barbie...She's a Doll!!!

As you all know last winter we lost our dear Zoe, she and her mothers put up a good fight but in the end they lost the battle and made the difficult decision to put Zoe down before she could suffer one more day.
My "Dear Friend" and her horse partner looked all over for a replacement horse But alas one thing or another always knocked the horse out of the running. However our very own PNW stables had a beautiful little mare , 11 yrs that has been competing in cutting for years. "Barbie" was born and raised on the ranch and been a member of the owners family all this time. However...Barbie $$$$ was a bit out of range for the 2 horse partners to commit to. The search continued. Then all of a sudden it was back to Barbie. I was at the stables (by coincidence) the day she was being vetted. At the end of the vet check...I saw a check handed to the "owners wife"! Don't you love to hear that!!!
Here are the 1st pictures of barbie and her new moms ( one mom is on the King)!

Here is the 1st pictures of a trail ride from the ranch! My Sissy Cowgirljlyn was with us on that ride and Barbie was just perfect...not counting the dog up against the fence. She settle quickly and there was no more issue! I have a few blogs in the works about Barbie, her mom, Dear Friend and our rides. Follow along as a mom and new horse begin to bond!

Welcome Barbie!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. What a sweet girl! So glad to hear your friend is back in the saddle. I'm sure Zoe is glad to see it :)

  2. Yes, Welcome Barbie! I've had the pleasure of accompanying them on one ride with this little lady, and she is a sweet heart. While we all loved and miss Zoe, I am sure she is glad Barbie and her moms are all together. Happy Trails Darlene!

  3. always love to hear a good home for a good horse, cant get much better than that!

  4. I am so happy to finally see pictures of Barbie! She seems like a really good horse!

  5. Welcome to the family Barbie! Can't wait to hear about your rides!!!

  6. She is so pretty! I am sure that Zoe will always have a special place in D's heart, but I am glad she was able to find another nice horse to ride, since she loves it so much!! Does she plan to do any cutting on her, or trail competitions?

  7. What a great story! How fun to go on a trail ride together, too. So sad about Zoe, though. I'm nervous about finding a more suitable horse for myself...worried that I'll end up with problems and issues like my Baby Doll has given me over the past year. I love that your friends' story has a happy ending. :)



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!