Saturday, July 25, 2009

Introducing... The Rosabella!!!

We have another Desert Rose Cowgirl that was just christened with her "Rose" name. The middle sister of The Rose Kid and new baby Mason had not yet decided that she was ready for a blog name. But during our trip to DC and then NY she came up with this name all by herself...pretty darn cute for a 4 year old!

So everyone please welcome...."The Rosabella"!

The Desert Rose!


  1. Another sweet ROSE to add to your collection! I already decided if I was a part of your collection, I'd be called Rosaleigh!

  2. And what a gorgeous Rosabella she is, too!

    Your rose bushes are just brimming with beautiful roses now.


  3. Great name! Very creative of her. But you guys have me so mixed up with all these "Rose" names!! (ha)
    How is your friend who was injured in the accident with her mare? I keep thinking about her.....

  4. Rosabella, welcome! You are a beauty!!!

  5. Rosabella chose a beautiful name to go along with such a beautiful smile!!!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!