Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zsa Zsa Command Post!

Most of you know that I have several young grand children here in the PNW. Because we winter in the desert when I am here in the PNW I try to spend as much time with them as I can. So thus developed what is known as "The Zsa Zsa Day"! If it is your Zsa Zsa day and you are 2 or older you are picked up from school in the King Ranch and stop at the grocery store where you push your own little cart as you shop for Papa's banana's, and any other item that may be need to nurish you during your stay at Zsa Zsa and Papa's. You pick out your desert for the night and then go and unload your grocery's for the check out clerk who always is amazed at how bright and charming you are. You then pay with Zsa Zsa's credit card and off we go to Zsa Zsa's house. You are sooooo happy to be there becuase there are special toys jsut for you and you are fianlly..."an only child" which is your goal in life!

Toby always chooses sweets!

Jed loves fruit!

Toby plays with Papa!
Jed plays dress up!

You are very proud...

And happy to be an only child...if only for 24 hours!!!

But if you are under 2 years...you only get a morning or afternoon at Zsa Zsa's cause you still need your mommy! ( well mommy's boob) Your visit demands a whole command post set up to care for your desires!

The Zsa Zsa command post!!!

You constantly try to look cute so you have have your picture taken!

You play with your "little" cousin cause she is not as BIG as you!

You recline like a "princess"!

You steal your cousin's binkie cause..."she's too little" to say NO!!!

You sleep anywhere you want!!!

Or NOT!!!

But when "the mommy's" come to get you Zsa Zsa becomes CHOPPED LIVER!!!

The Zsa Zsa command post is open for bussiness 3 days a week...then we have grandparents day on Saturdays were EVERYONE comes all at once!

You see...this is the only way that Zsa Zsa can get her Grandbaby fix to last for her winter EXILE!!!So yes...I still ride 2 to 3 days a week...my loving husband is...er...well...kinda...understanding!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Yes, you are one lucky lady with all the babies! I would be in heaven! And yes, Papa is one wonderful man!

  2. Cute post! And even cuter kids!

  3. You sure do have a passel of cute cowpokes. That littlest one has it good with all those older ones to look out for her. Lucky!

  4. Adorable! Lucky, lucky grandchildren to have such a fun Zsa Zsa!

  5. This is actually cowgirljlynn on Sares blog! You have beautiful grandchildren! It was really nice to see them at the family picnic!

  6. Now these are some adorable children! I bet they wear you out though right! Those baby girls are sure little beauties, maybe their Mamas should put them to work as baby models, make them earn their keep early! See you later today or tomorrow!

  7. You sure have your hands full with all those children!! You are making memories for them that they will remember forever....

  8. Oh goodness, those babies are TOO cute! Those eyes, they look just like her mommies! And the boys are so funny, I can just picture them walking down the isle with their shopping carts!
    p.s. Sorry I squeezed your toe! :) I hope it's feeling better. Thanks for everything this past weekend.....I love riding with you! XO See you again soon!!!

  9. Such cute grandbabies...don't go turning those girls into divas!!! They will grow up having such wonderful memories of their Zsa Zsa and Papa!

  10. Oohh look at those sweeties! They are so adorable!


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