Monday, July 6, 2009

Yes...There WILL be a Test!!!

About 2 months ago Blue Eyed Tango had a contest on her blog and the winners would receive a lovely piece of her jewelry that she makes. I am surprised that I was one of the winners because her contest was on of attention, there WILL be a test later!!! I do read fast and when I was young remember that I had the highest retention level in my class of 25. However in this busy world of multi-tasking I must admit that I am usually reading every ones daily post at night while my loving husband and I watch the "Bourne Ultimatum" for the 20th time. We would rather watch a good movie over and over than a crappy one once. So because I am a bit distracted by the noise more than anything (I do not watch the chase scenes, been there, done that) but do look at the screen during my favorite parts. I know I did not have all the correct answers and when I did not know I answered with a guess...maybe one or 2 of those answers was right?

This "test" did make me stop and think about all of your blogs that I follow and that I was being rude not to give your blog my full attention when reading and leaving comments. I know that I sometimes just say, "great picture" or "nice post" because I had been distracted and could not remember the name of the flower or your horses name!

So in winning my gorgeous necklace I made a commitment to pay more attention to what you have to say...because you may give me a test later!!! Here is a picture of my new "bling"! And it came packaged in this cute little box with a recipe inside! The Blue Eyed Tango said I could pick my necklace but I asked her to pick for me and she was right on in her choice!!!

My package arrived inside this cute little file folder with a recipe for a pie that I may make for the Pony Cousins this summer!!! I did give Blue Eyed Tango a clue in her choice for me...I am a RED girl!!!

Luv to all,

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. Well, that is just BEAUTIFUL! What a great idea...Nice job Blue Eyed Tango!

  2. Oh uhhh, are YOU really gonna bake us this pie???

  3. Too cool! I want to win something like that someday! :) I can't wait to try out the pie!!

  4. That is a gorgeous necklace!!
    I also would like to have a taste of the pie!

  5. What a great giveaway to win! I have YET to win anything. What kind of pie IS it. I just want some sort of idea what I'll be missing out on. Now if it was your french raised doughnuts, I'd be feelin' the pain!

  6. Ahh Ha! So she's been holding out on us? She really does cook! I knew she was pulling my leg. I'll be looking forward to it too!

  7. Lucky you! What a nice necklace. And you better make several of those pies, I think.

  8. Beautiful necklace, lucky you!!! Sounds like everyone is wanting a piece of pie, you'd better make quite a few!!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  9. Beautiful necklace! You cook!??! HEEHEE

  10. Congrats Desert Rose! It's beautiful! Will you be modeling it soon for us?

    Pie?? Did someone mention pie?



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Jesse and his Desert Rose!