Friday, October 23, 2009

A Cowgirl Wedding!

This last spring, my loving husband and I were invited to attend the wedding of the Cowpoke, aka Cowboy H from Holman Ranch! Mama H was the bride! I posted about them practicing their dance for their wedding the day we got "winded out" from our ride!!!

So with as little as possible is the most wonderful "Cowgirl Wedding" any of you could imagine!!!

I have decided to start with the reception know build up the suspense before the climax! My loving husband and I arrived at the venue and could not believe how absoulutely "Cowgirl Elegant" it was! I will post several pictures of the "Barn" set for the reception!

The grub was delicious, Mama H's mama made some of it!

I will only tell you that the groom...has "ring issues"! I would have put it through his nose if it had been me!
Mama H did what we all would do "IF" we had it to do all over again!!!

Desert Stables Buckaroo's at our table!!!

The Desert Rose and her Loving Husband! The Desert Rose and Cowboy H share a joke! Must have been a dirty joke...someone is blushing!!! Mama H shares some love with some stable buckaroo's! Too well behaved one got cake in the face. Must be true love!!!

First dance!!! The Desert Rose and Cowboy H pose for the camera!!! These 2 just can't go ANYWHERE without dressing the part!!! Happy Faces!!! First Kiss!!! Mr. & Mrs. Cowboy H!!!

So this is how I filled out the questionare!

What should Jeff and Jesslyn name their 1st child?

I said "JESSE"!!! (works for a boy or girl, named after mommy and JESSE!)

Where will they be living in 10 years?

I said "The PNW"! (near the Desert Rose!)

What is my favorite memory of Jeff and Jesslyn?

I can't remember...what I said, Mama us out here!!!

Yes...without a doubt, this was the most amazing, full of love, COWGIRL wedding ever!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Yes, what a beautiful bride and handsome groom!

  2. Oh wow, MamaH! What a beautiful bride!! And I absolutely LOVE all the rustic touches from the flowers, menu board right down the cute little bandana on your neck! Love the cupcakes too!

  3. Great name for the firstborn! Mama H was beautiful on her wedding day, but I think she's beautiful any day, lucky cowgirl! The wedding looked like it was the perfect combo of class and downhome comfort. Perfect for any # of Pony Cousins in the future!

  4. I loved the whole thing! Yes, I would wear those boots if I ever did it again!!!

  5. That looks like the coolest and most beautiful wedding ever!! Love the cake! I am so glad you posted all those photos -- to try to describe it using only words would not do it justice....How unique, creative and creative!!

  6. Wow. Wow. That barn is just oh-so-kool, I love how it's decorated with all the twinkly lights! Her dress is beautiful and with cowgirl boots no less. You are so right -- it's how we would all "redo" our wedding, given the chance.

  7. The barn was decorated awesome! What a great place for a reception. Fun!

  8. I believe Desert Rose, that you remembered Cowboy H and I running balls out through the wash in the desert while Cowboy H was trying to remove the headstall from my horse! But I will have to check the cards at home to confirm. It was either that or when Cowboy H was roping Martini on one of our last night rides and Martini was not very happy with that and kept trying to buck me off! Thanks for the pictures, love them!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!