Saturday, October 31, 2009

So Cute...It's Scary!!!

2 Transformers and a Lady Bug rang our doorbell for trick or treat on "All Hallows Eve"!!!
What a treat for Papa and Zsa Zsa! Happy Bewitching Day to all of you!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Adorable! That little lady bug is CUTE as a bug!! We never have any trick or treaters at our house... :(

  2. They are too too cute! The little lady has the prettier costume though, girl stuff is always better! Happy Halloweenie!

  3. Aww! They are so adorable in their costumes!!
    We only had 2 trick or treaters. The houses are too far apart for us to get more. I miss seeing all the cute costumes when we lived in the city, but I don't miss the city!

  4. It was so nice to get to see them when we were down there!!

  5. We don't get any trick-or-treaters. If they came to my house, they'd get all the candy!

  6. That lil ladybug is adorable!! I never had the fun of dressing up a lil girl... I had one son, who of course I love very, very much. But girls are so much fun to dress up. :)

    We are loving the strawberry jam I made... it's disappearing fast. I'm going to have to make more!

  7. They are adorable! Hope you had fun and they didn't eat too much candy! ;)


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!