Friday, October 16, 2009

Jesse's Summer Friend!!!

Jesse has never spent a summer is the desert since he has been in in our family however he was born and raised nearby. Jesse is so fortunate to be a "snowbird" along with his family, until this year. Jesse's "bad feet" lead us to the decision of leaving him in the desert to be near the Shoesalesman for a full year. It will be a year and a half that he has been in the desert by the time he comes home next spring.
Because of the extreme heat in the desert most of the boarded horses are moved to high desert during the summer. That meant that both of Jesse's stall neighbors would be leaving. Because Jesse is a very "social guy" with horses and people, I asked The Bossman to see about getting a neighbor for Jesse this last summer. The Bossman did better than that...he arranged for "BIG" to be Jesse's neighbor!

This is "Big", checking out my rental car!

Jesse makes sure that "Big" is being a gentleman when he greets The Desert Rose!

But Jesse has taught him well..."Big" was a perfect gentleman as he accepted his "car treat" from the Desert Rose!

Some of you may remember "Big" from a previous post.

Jesse and "Big" are friends because Jesse ponies "Big"! See how BIG "Big" is???The Bossman says that Jesse and "Big" play so hard at times you would think that the rails between them are going to fall over! As long as Jesse has a good friend to play with, I am happy!
Your Desert Rose!


  1. Oh man, I bet you miss your boy soooooo much. Can't wait for you to finally be reunited with him for good!

  2. It's good he has a buddy since his Desert Rose can't be with him. He is going to be in seventh heaven when you get back to him. Do you think he will be glad to be back up north next summer? Or not care one way or the other?

  3. He's a big, handsome boy. I'm glad Jesse had a buddy for the summer! Aren't you heading back to the desert sun yourself before too long?

  4. I bet you are really missin' him!!! He will be so glad to see you.

  5. Big is indeed BIG. Every pony needs a buddy. I know mine are lost without each other. A blessing and a curse ...

  6. Big sure is BIG. :) What a perfect name. And glad that Jesse has him for a buddy since he can't have you right now.

    Love your header... thanks for popping by my blog! :)

  7. Nothing like the real thing...a buddy is good but mom is better! Here's to you and Jesse being reunited soon!

  8. Awww, It'll be nice to see Jesse again. Nice to know he's in good hands huh?

  9. So glad Jesse has a friend. It will keep him from being so homesick!!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!