Friday, October 2, 2009

Disorderly Conduct Award!!!

Pony Cousin Disorderly Conduct Award!!!

I am so proud to have received this award from my Pony Cousin, Saddle Mountain Rider! She bestowed this award upon another Pony Cousin and myself for conduct BEFITTING a Pony Cousin! Both of us went way above and beyond the call of duty to "Cowgirlthefuckup" ( 25 cents in the cuss jar!)and just do it at our last "mini" pony cousin gathering!
I cannot divulge exactly what went on but some one yelled out...that's it...ride me hard and put me away wet!!!
Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. Congrats on the award! So fitting for you!

  2. You naughty girl! I'm still working on your headers. Believe it or not I've already put hours in but haven't gotten exactly what I want yet. Hopefully I'll get some samples to you soon. I did change the text color on the side, if you noticed, it was hard to find something readable on this background. Are you up for a background change? Or do you want to stick with this one? We're off to go shopping tomorrow, evidently with Nana in tow! She better behave, you know how wild she can get!

  3. You don't want our friends to think the Pony Cousins can get wild and crazy do you!

  4. I think I was born to the wrong family.

  5. lol! What a cool award. Love it....all except that can of pee beer. gah! Pabst?! Why?? yuk!
    Aren't there any cool cowgirl beers to choose. Better yet, have her riding a bottle of whiskey....that seems more fitting. Come on SMR, we know you better than that. lol!

  6. "Well behaved women rarely make history." ~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!