Monday, October 5, 2009

Pinky Swear!!!

When the Good time Cousins, now reinvented to be The Pony Cousins, 1st started getting together we were all over 35 years of age ( I am the 2nd youngest, hee hee) it had been years since our days of carefree growing up together...and quite frankly did not trust each other the way we did as when we were growing up. So...we devised the "Pinky Swear"! Which means...anything said at a Pony Cousin gathering was to be taken to your death...and if not, you would meet your death!!!

This year for the Pony cousin Stampede...Bronco Betsy and She Who Rides with Full Moon ( a mother, daughter team) brought these waters for all of us!

However...they are so fantastic that NONE of us ever drank them...instead have them as souvenirs of another great Pony Cousin Stampede!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. Dang if you girls did not have way to much fun! Pinky Swear water even!

  2. lol! Good times and great memories!


  3. Okay, seriously... are you sure somebody somewhere along the line didn't lose a baby? I know I belong in your family.

  4. Oh, how neat is that??? You all have the most fun, wish my family was like that.
    Love the new header!!! :-)

  5. Fun times you all have together....don't take it for granted....ever!! Many people do not have this special bond in their families or even someone to ride with on a daily basis!! I'll kick your butts(Pinky Swear)with my pointed cowgirl boots if I hear any of you talking smack (telling secrets) about another Pony Cousin!

  6. They were so cool....I haven't drank mine either, LOL! At least if there is a natural disaster, I'll have a little bit of clean water for a few days! ;) Which reminds me, I really need to create an emergency disaster kit....

  7. So much creativity and fun in one family!! Good for all of you!!!

  8. I thought it was a very creative idea! I still have mine too, I think, unless my crazy sister drank it!
    Sorry I haven't been over for a couple days, been terribly sick, and haven't felt like doing anything but sleeping!!

  9. We are So glad you enjoyed those! I do have some left over, and I'm seriously considering about having a give away Contest on MY guys better watch for that!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!