Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Dirtyfuckingjob!!!

I am so fortunate to be back in the desert!!! I truly wish everyone could fly south and winter down here with Jesse and me 2x a year, though the chore of packing up to move everyone and everything becomes quite stressful. Everyone needs a "vet check", the vehicles need a smog "vet check" and this year even my Loving Husband need a "vet check"!!! You see, he has just completed his 6 weeks recovery for his NEW HIP! He now has 2 new knees and 2 new hips!!! He had carpel tunnel surgery Friday, a shot in his trigger finger ( different hand) and nerve block steroid shot in his back on Tuesday. Just call me "Nurse Desert Rose"! And our darling Little Oliver has been in... and then out of heart failure. He now seems to be bouncing back but his kidney levels are high form all the med's he is taking!

Needless to say it has been a more than normal stress time for us. We usually have an issue or 2 with our house after being gone for 6 months but this year a leaky toilet and an unsuccessful break in attempt are all we have to deal with in our home. tack room is another story!!! I was afraid to unlock and open the door...I hate finding those dead little critters in there! No dead critters but what I saw made me sigh a bigfuckingcowgirlsigh!!! ( 25 cents in the cuss jar) Those of you who have seen my tack room know that I am very clean and tidy so this almost brought tears!
The layer of dust on the blankets covering tack was an inch thick!
Something sticky had spilled in the freezer!
All of the feed and snack bins were covered in dust!
Ok...I made the mess on top of the counter!
The porch chairs had been stored inside...but are full of dust and need a BATH!
Filthy floor and rugs! There are little "Bunny Turdlets" all over the porch and side planks!

In my old concrete tack room we used to pull EVERYTHING out and the cowboys would come in and power wash the entire thing. Then I would wash everything down before putting it back. I did get smart and put big black garbage bags over everything and that helped alot. But this tack room is wood and that is not an option. so I did what any cowgirl with half a brain would do...I whined to Spanky...and he offered to hand one of the cowboys come over with a big blower to blow our all the dust!!! This was great news and I hurried to empty the tack room so this job could be done. Then one by one each and everything was completely washed before it was replaced. The fridge was washed inside and out, and the tack I had left for the summer put back in it's place All this needed to be done before I started to unload my tack from Jesse's Limo before my 1st desert riders ride...the next morning!!!

Thankfully my Loving Husband did some grocery shopping for our home that enabled me the time to get my "Stable House" in order! I still have work to do on it but at least my saddle, bridal and saddle pad is in the tack room for my morning breakfast ride!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. At least you have a tack room!! Who cares if it's dusty (although I'm a neat freak too)...our saddles are in our house! Have a great ride!

  2. Our tack room is an embarrassment compared to yours! We've had mice in ours, and there is chewed up paper EVERYWHERE! It's a job for Cowboy H I say!

  3. Oh dear, the joy of desert dust. Nobody has used your tack room though, since you last used it, right? Or do winter boarders use it?
    I hope your Hubby is recovering from surgery, he's going to be the bionic man when he's done! ;) Enjoy the ride in the morning!

  4. Dust collects on everything and isn't any fun! I have to keep my tack in my garage, so imagine how dirty everything gets! At least you got it cleaned out and it is dust free!
    Hope you have a good ride!

  5. It looks good dirty! Are you sure you cleaned all by yourself! HEEHEE Seeing the picture, I wish I was coming down to ride. Better yet, bringing the Copper Pony with me!!!

  6. I'm sure you feel better now that it's all cleaned out. I know it's your home away from home in the winter. I'm having my Name Party this Thursday if you get the time and want to join. It sounds like you might have your hands full however with your brood! Scary about the break in attempt. Damn horse thieves!

  7. You sometimes wonder where the dust comes from, even in my house!!

  8. Hah! You should see MY tack room! (Or maybe not. You might pass out and end up filling the cuss jar at the same time! lol!) My tack room is always dusty. I could dust every day and it wouldn't even make a difference. My barn is a dusty place and then everything is dry and dusty out in the paddocks. And with the wind...well there ya go. Dust everywhere!

    Your tack room looks like you could move a bed in there and call it home.

    Hope you had a great ride!


  9. I love your tack room! I hope someday we will be able to build the tack room that we've discussed and dream about, but for now, our tack room is in hubby's shop, as is the hay. What a mess sometimes!!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!