Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jesse's Desert Rose!

I have to tell you how I got my 3 names!

The 1st...Jesse's Desert Rose was one I fought for a long time. I give credit to my cousin Saddle Mt. Rider who kept calling me Desert Rose in her emails and even picked a Doorman Burns painting that she said looked like me titled "The Desert Rose". Finally when I started my blog the name had attached itself to me....and I just added the Jesse's. It is very fitting though cause I am in the desert 6 months of the year. My blog side bar states that The Desert Rose may have some wilted petals but her thorns are still sharp!

Jane...I was suppose to be Steven!!! ( I do have bigger balls than some men) LOL My mother had not picked a girls name and my Auntie Phyllis asked to name me. My twin sisters names were Janet Lee and Jeanette she picked Jane Phyllis for me. We became know as the 3 J's in our family and someday when we have our will be called "The Lazy Triple J Ranch"! When I was growing up "boys then later, men" would say Me... Tarzan, you Jane as a pick up line. I would simply smile and say, Cheeta!!!

Zsa Zsa...when my daughter was pregnant she and I began thinking of what my "grandma" name would be. We came up with Janeau. This is the name that Carry Grant called his little french grandma in "An Affair to Remember". Only you have to say it with his voice. LOL So when the baby was born we used the name Janeau to me when referring to me. Finally when he was about a year old he came running into my arms saying...Zsa Zsa, his way of trying to say Janeau! My daughter and I were soooooo excited and decided that we loved that he came up with his version of Janeau...and we liked it better. So I am now Zsa Zsa to my grandchildren!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Three great names for a great sister! I guess I need to find out why Dad and Mom named me Janet Lee. After the movie star I am thinking!!! HeeHee.

  2. I can't believe boys (and I say boys, not men) actually would use that pick up line! Zsa Zsa is such a loving name - it is precious to hear the grandkids call you by your chosen grandma name.

  3. I didn't know the first story or the second! How special that Auntie Phyllis helped to name you. Unfortunately for my sisters and I, Mom carried on the naming with the same first letter tradition. Did you know if you look up Jane, Janet and Jeanette, they're all derived from the same name? So basically your Mother named you all the same thing! I love Zsa Zsa, it's so cute, and it fits you perfectly. Thanks for joining my party Auntie, you're the only family member that got up off her hiney to post. I can only forgive Pony Girl, she's got that whole Twilight addiction thing she's in the midst of right now! Love you!

  4. Great stories behind the names. Especially the last one... very special. :)

  5. Ok, Cowboy H has tried to explain to me how confusing it is you three sistas are named so similarly. I never thought it was a big deal, until Sares put them in writing all together! I have a first initial thing (Oz/Olivia, Hank/Huey) but at least I keep the rest of the name different! LOL! BTW, I've always thought Desert Rose was perfectly fitting for you.

  6. Wow..that was a fun post, and I am not even related to you all!

    Yeh, Jesse's Desert Rose.. perfect!

  7. I thought that the name Desert Rose fit you because of your pretty red hair and the fact that you "bloom" in the desert 6 months of the year. Then,when i saw the Doreman Burns picture - before i saw the title - i knew it is was you. The subject had the red hair and was adjusting her chinks. Then i saw the title...Desert Rose.

  8. I always liked the DR too! It is perfect for you. I also think that Zsa Zsa is, too. I forgot you started as Janeau! It is funny what the little ones nickname you. Being the oldest in the family, I think I gave some of my relatives nicknames, like Kunkle Phil! :) And Buba! My poor great-grandmother. I don't know who gave her that nickname. Having to be called Buba all her life. But I, and the rest of us, know her as nothing else, isn't that funny? Thanks for you sweet comment on my Twilight post! :) xo

  9. How Cool! I love the name Zsa Zsa. I have an Auntie Phyllis, too. My daughter is named after her: Jenna Phyllis. And all her grandkids, neices and nephews call her Fu Fu (short for Phyllis).

    We have a few other things in common, too. My nickname is the Desert Rose, too, though I don't go by that. A friend saw that painting by Doorman Burns with the paint horse and the blonde hair and said it reminded her of me and my mare. And of course, I call the desert South West my home.

    Another thing we have in common is that my husband's name is John, my twins are Jackson and Jeremiah. For the the past 13 years I've been known as Lisa and the 3 J's. Like a rockband!

    And when I had my daughter I was going to name her an 'L' name, but decided it would sort of mess up the whole 'J' theme we had going, so she became a 'J', too.

    So, now we are Lisa and the 4 'J's! lol! lol!

    The toughest thing about being the only 'L' around here and having all 'J's is I often sound like I'm stuttering when I call someone's name and forget who it was I was calling, "J...J...J..."

    Oh bother. lol!



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