Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jesse's in The King Ranch with MOM!

Today was a very long and frustrating day! We left the PNW to head south for the winter this am but not everything went as smoothly as it could/should have. My husband set his new alarm clock to wake me at 7am...but it did not go off. Fortunately I woke up on my own just before 7 because I still had 2 hours of packing before we left at 9:15. Both of our cars were either in the desert or on it's way and loaded pretty full. The 2 suitcases I had to pack to take with us today were all the things that I either forgot or did not had time to pack.

We get to the airport ( seeing several of our friends for the same flight) and get checked in with the 2 cats. Suzy Q was and had been crying the whole time even with one of her happy pills. good boy was just sitting calmly in his bed with the top unzipped because of his arthritis. My Loving Husband had carpel tunnel surgery on Friday and was really unable to help me do much. I had to figure out how to carry 2 cats a rolling carry on and my purse. No problem!

Once checked in and at the gate...I let little Oliver out to walk around a bit...everyone was startled to see a cat just wandering around and not being a scaredy cat! I did not get pictures...I wish I had thought of it cause he was quite cute. Then we get the news that our flight was to be delayed...horseshit!!! Little Oliver can not be immobile for that long, which is why I let him walk around. So out comes Oliver for another walk around. Finally they board us...only to sit for an hour waiting for the pilots who were being flown in.

Instead of getting to the desert at 1pm it was 3 pm! Neither kitty had an accident, which is good cause then i would have to bath them before they started roaming and laying around the house.

I quickly set up water, food, and litter box, grabbed my bag of carrots and off I went to see my boy! I get to the stable and stop at the trailer to get some treats. I drive the King Ranch right up to Jesse's stall. I had stopped before hand to get out my camera and turn it on. That was a good thing because as soon as he heard the King Ranch he spun around from the back of the stall and came trotting up to me in the King Ranch!

You can see the dust as he trots up.'s my MOM!
Jesse tries to get into the King Ranch with MOM!

I am sooooo happy to be back in the desert with my Jesse!!!

The Desert Rose!


  1. A few glitches, but at least you got there in one piece and you didn't have to spend the night anywhere strange. lol! Jesse's one happy boy to see you again!


  2. Oh my gosh! Your pictures made me cry! You have one happy little boy there! HUGS!

  3. That is so sweet!! I bet you are so happy to be back in the desert with your beloved Jesse!
    Good to hear the kitty's had a good trip too!

  4. OK, the first comment from "Sares" was from Mom, she was on her lunch break and wrote it while on my user account.

    I on the other hand, love that picture of Jesse running at full speed toward you, you can actually SEE the excitement! What a sweetie, I'm sure he will fall in love with his Mama all over again! I'm glad you had a safe flight, kitties and all!

  5. That was so cute seeing him running towards you...Did he tell you Auntie Betsy and Mel came and visited him? Probably not, he's probably pissed that we visited "without treats." We found ourselves in the area, so we stopped by. But, he did seem to enjoy our rub down and attention, just the same.

  6. Too cute! I bet he is happy to have his carrots and shredded wheat supplier back. ;)
    Would have loved to see Oliver around the airport....did you put him on a leash or anything?

  7. Welcome back to the desert Rose! Our horses ARE our best friends!! Jesse loves his mom! Slick was glad to be back home too and he does the same thing every time I go outside to clean the stalls!! Have fun! Luanne


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!