Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Desert Rose Wouldn't be Caught Dead!

This past summer I was so fortunate to be able to have lots of rides with my Sissy's Dusty Devoe and a Cowgirl's Grace! We rode the most from their stables. I would load up The King and Little Lady and off we would go 3 hours up the Pacific Crest I-5 headed north. The King and Little Lady would have deluxe accommodations that the PNW Doc would have designated for them. We would unload the horses and most of the time Dusty Devoe's Cowboy would meet me at the stables to take me to my mothers so that I could leave my truck and trailer hooked up. Our mother would cook for all of us and we would hang out with her and our father after dinner.

Our trips to the stables always included a Starbucks run and most days we packed a lunch to be eaten on the trail or once we got back to the stables. We also had a frozen lemonade treat in our saddle bags! Just before my last trip up...Dusty Devoe's called me to say that hunters had been up in the Enchanted Forest and that they had bought ORANGE vests to wear when riding, did I want her to get me one??? I think I said something like...I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of's against my Cowgirl fashion sense! But then I realized...if I DID wear that ugly ORANGE vest...I would not be caught dead wearing it!!!

There are many more trails for us to discover next year but here are the pictures from one of our last rides together in the Enchanted and Prime Evil Forests!
The Enchanted Forest with the sun streaming through!
The Sissy's at a "pit stop"!

On the trail in the Enchanted Forest!

The Posse...Cowgirl's Grace and The King, Dusty Devoe and Dusty, The PNW Doc and Profile!

The Desert Rose and Little Lady!

Happy Trails!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. DR you're so funny....what are you worried even make that orange vest look fashionable (all you girls are stylin) times!

  2. We sure did have lots of fun! I miss riding the trails.

  3. That forest definetly looks enchanting. I love how the light streams through the branches.

  4. What fun adventures! Great photos! You're so lucky to have family that enjoys riding as much as you do.

    And you all look great in orange. Really! Orange is my favorite color. It really warms up a woman's face is bright and cheerful, too.
    You can't have a knock-out sunset without a blazing orange, ya know :)

    Happy Trails to you!

  5. I think you look very stylish! It does look pretty up in there. Mom's pictures never turn out. Hopefully there are no wicked witches hiding anywhere in there.

  6. I am glad you went for the orange! Better to be safe than sorry! It might not be fashionable, but...oh listen to me. I would hate to wear orange!! But I would do it if there were hunters around!
    Glad all you sissy's got to ride horses all summer!!

  7. Loved all the riding that we got to do this summer. Am looking forward to next summer!!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!