Thursday, November 5, 2009

Protect This Horse!

It is this of time of year again...our bi-annul migration, this time headed south! Little Lady headed down a few days ago in the good hands of Cowboy and Mama H and the King Ranch loaded to the hilt. Last spring the Bossman and I "traded" horses for the summer. Just before I left last spring I gave one of these to both Jesse & Little Lady to wear while away from their "human".
Front of talisman.

Back of talisman.

Jesse wearing his talisman on our rides in June. I failed to get a picture of Little Lady's but know in my heart that these very loved equines were safe with each other's human!

Your Desert Rose!

PS. I have never added a ps before, however I wanted to say that "MY PIGGY" arrived SAFELY to the desert today at 4:30 pm!


  1. Cute, I love those! Where did you get them?
    I'm glad LL had a great, safe trip! I bet she was happy to be out of the rain and someplace warm!

  2. Pony Girl...They are from Sweet Bird Studio but I got them from "The Crow's Nest"! They also make it for dogs and I got it for "Cowgirl" 2 years ago! Sweet Bird also made my DESERT ROSE belt!

  3. Glad to hear Your Piggy is safe and tucked in next to Jessie.

  4. Those talismans are very pretty and unique. How thoughtful of you to give them to Jesse and Little Lady :)


  5. That is very pretty and thoughtful

  6. Oh the desert in lucky are you...

    If I ever get to retire..the desert is calling!

  7. Those are great! I'm sure Miss Piggy isn't the only one this time of year!! My mare is huge but the winter hair always makes them look bigger than they really are!

  8. I love that medallion. Looks very Sweetbird Studio-ish... is it?

  9. Heart of a cowgirl! yes...sweetbird, as is my desert rose bickle!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!