Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zsa Zsa Command Post!

Most of you know that I have several young grand children here in the PNW. Because we winter in the desert when I am here in the PNW I try to spend as much time with them as I can. So thus developed what is known as "The Zsa Zsa Day"! If it is your Zsa Zsa day and you are 2 or older you are picked up from school in the King Ranch and stop at the grocery store where you push your own little cart as you shop for Papa's banana's, and any other item that may be need to nurish you during your stay at Zsa Zsa and Papa's. You pick out your desert for the night and then go and unload your grocery's for the check out clerk who always is amazed at how bright and charming you are. You then pay with Zsa Zsa's credit card and off we go to Zsa Zsa's house. You are sooooo happy to be there becuase there are special toys jsut for you and you are fianlly..."an only child" which is your goal in life!

Toby always chooses sweets!

Jed loves fruit!

Toby plays with Papa!
Jed plays dress up!

You are very proud...

And happy to be an only child...if only for 24 hours!!!

But if you are under 2 years...you only get a morning or afternoon at Zsa Zsa's cause you still need your mommy! ( well mommy's boob) Your visit demands a whole command post set up to care for your desires!

The Zsa Zsa command post!!!

You constantly try to look cute so you have have your picture taken!

You play with your "little" cousin cause she is not as BIG as you!

You recline like a "princess"!

You steal your cousin's binkie cause..."she's too little" to say NO!!!

You sleep anywhere you want!!!

Or NOT!!!

But when "the mommy's" come to get you Zsa Zsa becomes CHOPPED LIVER!!!

The Zsa Zsa command post is open for bussiness 3 days a week...then we have grandparents day on Saturdays were EVERYONE comes all at once!

You see...this is the only way that Zsa Zsa can get her Grandbaby fix to last for her winter EXILE!!!So yes...I still ride 2 to 3 days a week...my loving husband is...er...well...kinda...understanding!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Introducing... The Rosabella!!!

We have another Desert Rose Cowgirl that was just christened with her "Rose" name. The middle sister of The Rose Kid and new baby Mason had not yet decided that she was ready for a blog name. But during our trip to DC and then NY she came up with this name all by herself...pretty darn cute for a 4 year old!

So everyone please welcome...."The Rosabella"!

The Desert Rose!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cowgirl Rosette!!!

Sure do miss that pretty little "Cowgirl Rosette"...Zsa Zsa will fly home from the East coast soon!!! Your Desert Rose!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

3rd Time's The "Lucky" Charm!!!

I am so happy to tell you all that our 10th grandchild has arrived safe and sound! He was stork delivered to the East coast and Papa is already there. Zsa Zsa leaves bright and early in the am...I usually only get up that early if I am going for a ride! "Mason" joins 6 year old sister "The Rose Kid" and 4 year old Stella. Isn't this a proud new daddy that got his little "stud colt" the 3rd time around!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cowgirljlynn...You've Earned Your Spurs!

My sister Cowgirljlynn has been coming down to visit me...and The King! I am afraid to admit that I have never seen her this often before The King came to spend the summer with his Auntie Rose!!! However her visits have enabled us to have some great rides together. They started out easy so that The King and Cowgirljlynn could get to know each other. After her second visit I decided it was time to take them out for the real test and trailer them out to ride "the big trails"! My Dear Friend and Barbie were with us for this great adventure and one of our riding group members joined us with her gelding, Murphy.

What Cowgirljlynn did not know was the last time that my Dear Friend and I rode together Barbie was in heat and quite frankly...acting "slutty"! Well, The King, ever a ladies man decided that it did not matter that he had been gelded about 22 years ago. He began nuzzling Barbie's neck...dropped ( you know), and I think was getting ready to mount her when I spotted this...er a, behavior of his and we immediately separated the 2 for a TIME OUT!!!

So for our "big ride" the moment The King saw Barbie...he only had eyes for her. He was not happy when Barbie and her mom went off in the other direction and tried desperately to follow her. He was not happy about the gelding between him and Barbie and he pretty much was a challenge to keep focused on his own business...not Barbie's. Since The King had been such a gentleman to my sissy Cowgirljlynn she was surprised that his "dark side" had surfaced. But no need to worry all of Cowgirljlynn's lessons with her Prince Albert paid off and she handled The King to perfection, even taking her turn at leading the ride.

So to Sissy Cowgirljlynn... Jesse and I are thrilled to award to her...

Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayer's for my "Dear Friend"!

Yesterday my "Dear Friend" had a freak accident with her new mare Barbie. As you all know Barbie has water issues that stem from an injury she had when she was young and the water therapy she went through to heal.
My "Dear Friend" had been preparing for weeks to go on a camping trip with Barbie and the last thing to do was bath, blanket, and put her to bed. The next morning they would be on their way to Mt.Adams for 5 days of great rides.
After Barbie's bath...my "Dear Friend" unhooked the cross ties to take her from the wash stall. As she was leading Barbie out of the stall the water hose fell of it's hook and started spraying Barbie. Barbie went into "panic flight mode" and ran my "Dear Friend" over crushing her chest causing life threatening injuries. My "Dear Friend" has undergone 3 surgeries in 12 hours. Her injuries include the following.

1. A torn aorta close to the V that could not be repaired with a stint. The cardiologist had to surgically make the repair. (3 hours)
2. A crushed trachea that needed to be repaired by harvesting muscle from her chest. She has a breathing tube until she can breath on her own. (5 hours)
3. She has a punctured lung that should heal on it's own.
4. Several broken ribs and a "floating sternum".
5. Her lower lip was torn down one inch in the middle. Plastic surgery was required. (2 hours)
6. 4 to 6 weeks recovery and could be longer before she can get back in the saddle.

4 seconds later Barbie was grazing peacefully as if nothing had happened near my "Dear Friend who was on the ground. Fortunately there where people at the barn to call 911 and get the emergency aid there.
We all need to be so careful in everything we do with these big companions of ours even when they don't have a mean bone in their body. The are a "flight' animal 1st and they ALL will at one time or another...unintentionally hurt that special person in their life. I was kicked and stepped on during my last outing. I was in the wrong place in one instance...and the horse was in my space in the 2nd. I was fortunate that all I have is a bruise or 2. I probably get to spend more time with my horses than most of you so I tend to have less caution. However my "Dear Friend's" accident will stick with me for a long, long time!!!
Please remember my "Dear Friend" in your prayers tonight!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Pony Pony's!

Jesse has been ponying other horses since he was 3 years old! And now in the desert he almost always has one of his friends by his side. I guess that because everyone knows Jesse can do it...they just assumed that I could. Only I hadn't ever done it. Then of course we have a trail emergency...one rider picked up by ambulance and one horse to many! 2 people try to pony the extra horse but their horse will have none of it...so ya, I had to do it. 2 miles with a dancing little paint mare!!! The next year...you guessed it an ambulance takes a rider away and I have to pony another little dancing mare for about a mile.

So...the day picture was taken...no ambulance...just a rider left early and asked me to pony her horse back to the staging area. Less than 1/2 mile. Piece of carrot cake. I have even ponied 2 stable horses for about 1/4 mile to return them from a guest ride. On this day I ponied the Palomino but held the Arab while his owner got the trailer door opened. By the way...what is wrong with the picture???

Jesse and The Desert Rose with Tigger and Mystro!

All correct responses to the question will have their name put in my cowgirl hat for a drawing. The winner gets the purse of her choice from my collection! LOL NOFUCKINGWAY!!! (25 cents in the cuss jar)! Actually it will be something Cowgirl...something fun...and something just for YOU!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relections of Summer!

A few weeks ago I was back in the desert to visit and ride Jesse! I was up at the crack of dawn everyday and one morning went outside to test the temperature. I took this picture of the early morning...however, this was the reflection of the sky in my pool! I turned it right side up for you to see better. But it was so amazing to see!

Your Desert Rose!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clear,Cool Water!

Ah yes...the ol' watering hole! Such a beautiful sight on a hot summers day!

Or is it??? From this picture...can you guess which one is going to balk at crossing this swift, deep water ahead?

Maybe one of them is trying to hide behind the other!!!

Maybe she will protect me!

So...if you picked the white...he sure fooled you! He was actually trying to nudge Barbie into the water. Here is a short sample of the "battle". I missed of course... the really good shots...but you can see that she had to be...convinced to go in!

Everyone looks happy now!!!

Ah Auntie Rose...since I pulled their leg...I think I'll try to pull yours too!

Happy Trails,

The Desert Rose!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Barbie...She's a Doll!!!

As you all know last winter we lost our dear Zoe, she and her mothers put up a good fight but in the end they lost the battle and made the difficult decision to put Zoe down before she could suffer one more day.
My "Dear Friend" and her horse partner looked all over for a replacement horse But alas one thing or another always knocked the horse out of the running. However our very own PNW stables had a beautiful little mare , 11 yrs that has been competing in cutting for years. "Barbie" was born and raised on the ranch and been a member of the owners family all this time. However...Barbie $$$$ was a bit out of range for the 2 horse partners to commit to. The search continued. Then all of a sudden it was back to Barbie. I was at the stables (by coincidence) the day she was being vetted. At the end of the vet check...I saw a check handed to the "owners wife"! Don't you love to hear that!!!
Here are the 1st pictures of barbie and her new moms ( one mom is on the King)!

Here is the 1st pictures of a trail ride from the ranch! My Sissy Cowgirljlyn was with us on that ride and Barbie was just perfect...not counting the dog up against the fence. She settle quickly and there was no more issue! I have a few blogs in the works about Barbie, her mom, Dear Friend and our rides. Follow along as a mom and new horse begin to bond!

Welcome Barbie!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Cowgirl Purses"!

Several months ago my dear friend Luanne/Blue Eyed Tango posted about her closet. She had just remodeled her home and she now showed us all... what is, a perfect closet. Not too much...not too little. This however, it sure intimidated me because I have way too much of EVERYTHING!!!
I have only posted once about my "closet" and I had the most comments I have ever had for a post! What does that tell you...we all love what is in "the closet"!
So ...with a little bit of a RED face... here are my "Cowgirl purses"!

But...where does a Cowgirl start??? How does she show (off ) her purses, that every fashion magazine now says is the "tell all" about someone??? How about one at a time.

I decided to start with one on my "signature" purses. This purse pretty much tell it all. I am a cowgirl but it has just enough bling. You can't see it in this picture but the white on the purse is shaped like the great state of Texas!

This purse was made by the same company that made the 1st one. This is my favorite going out to dinner purse!This is a brown suede Scully purse and I also have the matching brown embroidered sweatshirt!

This is A PINTO BELLY ORIGINAL purse. It's neat cause you can buy different picture inserts or use one of your own!
A gift from the ROSA, my satin Dale Evan's purse does not get to go out much because the satin is fragile and could get stained easily. However she does get center front position in my purse display in my closet!!!

This purse is my FAVORITE cocktail/black tie purse. The rhinestones on top and the many different colors in the picture blend with almost any outfit!

This canvas tote is great for every day...although I don't use it much.
This black canvas purse does see a lot of action!

Great for out to dinner...too little for everyday or I would use this one a lot!

Not true cowgirl purses...however the Dior is a saddle bag and they are DENIM!

Another great out to dinner purse!

Yup...you guessed it, another out to dinner purse although I have the matching wallet that I always carry!I just adore this purse and use it when ever I don't need to carry "all my shit"!

This is the purse that gets soooooo many compliments! It's part of a family!

This purse is more delicate because of the suede...I am very careful where I take it!

Double duty for this one...cocktails or makeup bag!

The happy family!!!

I just love this purse...use it all the time. The Rosebud and I both got purses from this company at "Cowboy Xmas" last year. You pick your bag...then pick you strap. I could have gotten 20 or so of these great purses...but decided on 2!!!
This is the other bag I got...love the turquoise strap!!!
2nd year purchase at "Cowboy Xmas"!

1st and 3rd year "Cowboy Xmas" purchases!

So here is a probably my absolute favorite bag! Yes..."Cowboy Xmas" last year. I will be showing several different shots so you can see all the pockets and zippers!!!

The woolly hair is a bit fragile...don't want it to get to frizzy on me so I use this with care!

And last...but not least, The Desert Rose signature red leather Rose purse!

The leather on this purse is as soft as the butt of the Rosette!!!

Thank you for taking this tour of my "Cowgirl Purses"! Of course... I have other non "Cowgirl Purses" but they will not get the fame of a blog post any time soon!

Your Desert Rose!