Tuesday, November 24, 2009


One month ago my Loving Husband and I realized... that the most spectacular horse show we have ever seen ( we've seen it 2x and look often for where it is playing) realized that Cavalia was playing in the home town of our east coast granddaughters. We called their parents and said we want to buy tickets for you and the girls to go see this...and they did!Here is a picture of the Rose Kid & Rosabella attending Cavalia!!!

Get info at
http://www.cavalia.com/ You will actually cry at times when you see it!

Your Desert Rose!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Something To Sleep On!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jesse's Desert Rose!

I have to tell you how I got my 3 names!

The 1st...Jesse's Desert Rose was one I fought for a long time. I give credit to my cousin Saddle Mt. Rider who kept calling me Desert Rose in her emails and even picked a Doorman Burns painting that she said looked like me titled "The Desert Rose". Finally when I started my blog the name had attached itself to me....and I just added the Jesse's. It is very fitting though cause I am in the desert 6 months of the year. My blog side bar states that The Desert Rose may have some wilted petals but her thorns are still sharp!

Jane...I was suppose to be Steven!!! ( I do have bigger balls than some men) LOL My mother had not picked a girls name and my Auntie Phyllis asked to name me. My twin sisters names were Janet Lee and Jeanette Lynn...so she picked Jane Phyllis for me. We became know as the 3 J's in our family and someday when we have our ranch...it will be called "The Lazy Triple J Ranch"! When I was growing up "boys then later, men" would say Me... Tarzan, you Jane as a pick up line. I would simply smile and say, no...you Cheeta!!!

Zsa Zsa...when my daughter was pregnant she and I began thinking of what my "grandma" name would be. We came up with Janeau. This is the name that Carry Grant called his little french grandma in "An Affair to Remember". Only you have to say it with his voice. LOL So when the baby was born we used the name Janeau to me when referring to me. Finally when he was about a year old he came running into my arms saying...Zsa Zsa, his way of trying to say Janeau! My daughter and I were soooooo excited and decided that we loved that he came up with his version of Janeau...and we liked it better. So I am now Zsa Zsa to my grandchildren!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Unbridled Time!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Dirtyfuckingjob!!!

I am so fortunate to be back in the desert!!! I truly wish everyone could fly south and winter down here with Jesse and me 2x a year, though the chore of packing up to move everyone and everything becomes quite stressful. Everyone needs a "vet check", the vehicles need a smog "vet check" and this year even my Loving Husband need a "vet check"!!! You see, he has just completed his 6 weeks recovery for his NEW HIP! He now has 2 new knees and 2 new hips!!! He had carpel tunnel surgery Friday, a shot in his trigger finger ( different hand) and nerve block steroid shot in his back on Tuesday. Just call me "Nurse Desert Rose"! And our darling Little Oliver has been in... and then out of heart failure. He now seems to be bouncing back but his kidney levels are high form all the med's he is taking!

Needless to say it has been a more than normal stress time for us. We usually have an issue or 2 with our house after being gone for 6 months but this year a leaky toilet and an unsuccessful break in attempt are all we have to deal with in our home.

But...my tack room is another story!!! I was afraid to unlock and open the door...I hate finding those dead little critters in there! No dead critters but what I saw made me sigh a bigfuckingcowgirlsigh!!! ( 25 cents in the cuss jar) Those of you who have seen my tack room know that I am very clean and tidy so this almost brought tears!
The layer of dust on the blankets covering tack was an inch thick!
Something sticky had spilled in the freezer!
All of the feed and snack bins were covered in dust!
Ok...I made the mess on top of the counter!
The porch chairs had been stored inside...but are full of dust and need a BATH!
Filthy floor and rugs! There are little "Bunny Turdlets" all over the porch and side planks!

In my old concrete tack room we used to pull EVERYTHING out and the cowboys would come in and power wash the entire thing. Then I would wash everything down before putting it back. I did get smart and put big black garbage bags over everything and that helped alot. But this tack room is wood and that is not an option. so I did what any cowgirl with half a brain would do...I whined to Spanky...and he offered to hand one of the cowboys come over with a big blower to blow our all the dust!!! This was great news and I hurried to empty the tack room so this job could be done. Then one by one each and everything was completely washed before it was replaced. The fridge was washed inside and out, and the tack I had left for the summer put back in it's place All this needed to be done before I started to unload my tack from Jesse's Limo before my 1st desert riders ride...the next morning!!!

Thankfully my Loving Husband did some grocery shopping for our home that enabled me the time to get my "Stable House" in order! I still have work to do on it but at least my saddle, bridal and saddle pad is in the tack room for my morning breakfast ride!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Equine Quote of the Day!

Your Desert Rose!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Horse...Course of Obstacles!

This summer while riding at the "Flying M Ranch", we were excited to find that an obstacle course had been constructed on the property. It was fun to "test" the horses on this course and I got to ride both Little Lady and The King through the course several times. There was only one obstacle that I thought might give us problems...but I was delighted to find out that they both went through everything with flying colors!

Here's the course from a distance!
The dreaded car wash monster!

An "L" shaped gully!
A very deep gully!
A wooden bridge!
"L" shaped bales of straw!
A 2ft dirt platform to jump up onto, then jump down and go over these logs!
The deep gully as well as the "L" shaped gully and straw obstacles were sooooo easy for my kids that we even did them all backing up to make it more of a challenge!
And the bridge was completed first try by both of them!
Still no problem on first try for both!!!
Now it's time for the dreaded car wash monster! As you can see, the wind was up this day and I was not sure how it would go. This is the day I was riding The King.

We are right in the middle of the car wash and the "fingers" are blowing all over us! I could not get a very good picture one handed. The King could care less! Little Lady was such a good girl...she was not too sure about the car wash but all I had to do was ask her and then reassure her that she was ok and she went right through! Jesse will do all of this first try too! I am sooooo lucky to have these equines in my life!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Dear Friend....Back in the Saddle Agian!!!

Most of you remember that my "Dear Friend" had a terrible accident while bathing her horse, Barbie. That was back in the early part of July. Her injuries were very severe and she almost died several times. her road to recovery has been long and she has been so brave to battle her way back to health. Her doctors have finally approved for her to get back in the saddle for light riding. Her stamina still needs to get back to were it was and her muscle tone needs some work. When she called me on Halloween morning to say she was going out to ride that evening I knew I had to be there. Little Lady and I were there when My Dear Friend rode Barbie for the 1st time since her accident!

Welcome back my Dear Friend...I missed our time together this past summer but I am so happy to have you back in the saddle! Way to "Cowgirlthefuckup"!!! (25cents in the cuss jar!)

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jesse's in The King Ranch with MOM!

Today was a very long and frustrating day! We left the PNW to head south for the winter this am but not everything went as smoothly as it could/should have. My husband set his new alarm clock to wake me at 7am...but it did not go off. Fortunately I woke up on my own just before 7 because I still had 2 hours of packing before we left at 9:15. Both of our cars were either in the desert or on it's way and loaded pretty full. The 2 suitcases I had to pack to take with us today were all the things that I either forgot or did not had time to pack.

We get to the airport ( seeing several of our friends for the same flight) and get checked in with the 2 cats. Suzy Q was and had been crying the whole time even with one of her happy pills. Oliver...my good boy was just sitting calmly in his bed with the top unzipped because of his arthritis. My Loving Husband had carpel tunnel surgery on Friday and was really unable to help me do much. I had to figure out how to carry 2 cats a rolling carry on and my purse. No problem!

Once checked in and at the gate...I let little Oliver out to walk around a bit...everyone was startled to see a cat just wandering around and not being a scaredy cat! I did not get pictures...I wish I had thought of it cause he was quite cute. Then we get the news that our flight was to be delayed...horseshit!!! Little Oliver can not be immobile for that long, which is why I let him walk around. So out comes Oliver for another walk around. Finally they board us...only to sit for an hour waiting for the pilots who were being flown in.

Instead of getting to the desert at 1pm it was 3 pm! Neither kitty had an accident, which is good cause then i would have to bath them before they started roaming and laying around the house.

I quickly set up water, food, and litter box, grabbed my bag of carrots and off I went to see my boy! I get to the stable and stop at the trailer to get some treats. I drive the King Ranch right up to Jesse's stall. I had stopped before hand to get out my camera and turn it on. That was a good thing because as soon as he heard the King Ranch he spun around from the back of the stall and came trotting up to me in the King Ranch!

You can see the dust as he trots up.
Oh...here's my MOM!
Jesse tries to get into the King Ranch with MOM!

I am sooooo happy to be back in the desert with my Jesse!!!

The Desert Rose!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jesse Pollin...Here Mommy Comes!!!

I can not believe it...we are leaving for the desert in the AM and by 4pm...I will be hugging Jesse!!! Jesse knows a trick. He gives mom a hug...and then mom says...A BIG HUG!!! AND he wraps me in his big strong neck for a big hug!

But...I can't wait to hug and kiss him!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Protect This Horse!

It is this of time of year again...our bi-annul migration, this time headed south! Little Lady headed down a few days ago in the good hands of Cowboy and Mama H and the King Ranch loaded to the hilt. Last spring the Bossman and I "traded" horses for the summer. Just before I left last spring I gave one of these to both Jesse & Little Lady to wear while away from their "human".
Front of talisman.

Back of talisman.

Jesse wearing his talisman on our rides in June. I failed to get a picture of Little Lady's but know in my heart that these very loved equines were safe with each other's human!

Your Desert Rose!

PS. I have never added a ps before, however I wanted to say that "MY PIGGY" arrived SAFELY to the desert today at 4:30 pm!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And This Little "Piggy" Went Neigh, Neigh, Neigh...All The Way Home!

On Monday Cowboy and Mama H stepped off the plane in the PNW to visit The Desert Rose and her Loving Husband for a few days before heading back south in the King Ranch and "Jesse's Limo" to deliver it to the desert for me. We met my "Dear Friend" for lunch who had met Cowboy H when she visited me in the desert a few years back. However she had not met Mama H and I was happy that they were able to finally get acquainted! That night we went out to dinner and then out to pick up a car that I will be driving when the King Ranch leaves. Both Mama and the Cowboy were exhausted cause they were up at 4 that day so we called it an early night! The next day Cowboy and Mama H went sight seeing while I frantically tried to finish up my packing. That means the King Ranch and Jesse's limo must be packed to the absolute maximum with everything I need (WANT) to take to the desert! Now this causes an issue between my Loving Husband and me...but as long as he does not have pack and unpack every 6 months...his bark is louder than his bite!

This morning we headed out to the stables to get Jesse's Limo hooked up to the King Ranch.On the way to the PNW last spring, Cowboy H hauled 2 horses!

The King will not be returning to the desert this winter...he has found his forever home now with my Sissy, A Cowgirl's Grace! But...Little Lady, or as I lovingly call her "Piggy" is loading up to go "Neigh, Neigh, Neigh...all the way home!"

The Bossman will be so happy to see his Little Lady...but after her summer in the PNW with me, she is now in my heart as "MY LITTLE PIGGY"!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Lady...come to Auntie Rose!

Yesterday I went to the stables. The skies were clear and the horses were out to pasture. As happy as I am that Little Lady got to go out after a few rain days inside, I sighed when I remembered that early in the day the mares are usually way up pasture. I have to walk quite a ways before she can here me yell out her name ( or acknowledge that she hears me)...and then stands and waits for me to "get closer" before she starts out to greet me. However today I got lucky!!! The mares were peacefully grazing down pasture and as soon as I yelled out "Piggy" she raised her head and saw me! I kept on saying sweet things to her as she walked towards me! "Auntie Rose has cookies!!!"" Come here sweet girl"! " What a pretty girl!"

Of course I had cookies...who wants to take a chance in this big pasture of your horse running off and then not getting ride after chasing her for 2 hours??? But when we get back to the desert...no more cookies to catch her~

She is already CAPTURED!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Desert Rose Wouldn't be Caught Dead!

This past summer I was so fortunate to be able to have lots of rides with my Sissy's Dusty Devoe and a Cowgirl's Grace! We rode the most from their stables. I would load up The King and Little Lady and off we would go 3 hours up the Pacific Crest I-5 headed north. The King and Little Lady would have deluxe accommodations that the PNW Doc would have designated for them. We would unload the horses and most of the time Dusty Devoe's Cowboy would meet me at the stables to take me to my mothers so that I could leave my truck and trailer hooked up. Our mother would cook for all of us and we would hang out with her and our father after dinner.

Our trips to the stables always included a Starbucks run and most days we packed a lunch to be eaten on the trail or once we got back to the stables. We also had a frozen lemonade treat in our saddle bags! Just before my last trip up...Dusty Devoe's called me to say that hunters had been up in the Enchanted Forest and that they had bought ORANGE vests to wear when riding, did I want her to get me one??? I think I said something like...I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those...it's against my Cowgirl fashion sense! But then I realized...if I DID wear that ugly ORANGE vest...I would not be caught dead wearing it!!!

There are many more trails for us to discover next year but here are the pictures from one of our last rides together in the Enchanted and Prime Evil Forests!
The Enchanted Forest with the sun streaming through!
The Sissy's at a "pit stop"!

On the trail in the Enchanted Forest!

The Posse...Cowgirl's Grace and The King, Dusty Devoe and Dusty, The PNW Doc and Profile!

The Desert Rose and Little Lady!

Happy Trails!

Your Desert Rose!