Friday, May 1, 2009

"Iron Horse!"

A few weeks ago I posted this picture with a challenge to guess what in the world it could be???

And those of you who guessed right would have your name put in a cowgirl hat drawing to win a prize from The Desert Rose!

So.....for those of you that guessed......Horse Mane Flying in the Wind! Your name goes into the hat.

Here is the finished piece. Almost everything is made from horse shoes. I have close ups for you to see this incredible Artwork.

Isn't it teriffic???

There were 2 correct guesses and one admitted cheater who answered right! So as I see it I will put the 2 correct guesses and the cheater in the hat for the drawing. However the cheater will one get her name in the hat once and the non cheaters will get their name in the hat 10 times each. The odds are stacked against the cheater!

The names to be put into my hair on hide cowgirl hat for the drawing are......

Blue Eyed Tango

Laughing Orca Ranch

Mama H...admitted cheater!

And the winner is....Luanne at Blue Eyed Tango!!!

The Desert Rose will be sending her this Horse head hoof pick made by the same artist! This Jesse's Shoesalesman!!! Isn't he clever to find a way to recycle all those used shoes? He is also the father of the Tattooed Cowpoke and the grandpa of the Tequila Rose!!!

All dressed up for the barn party!!!

It's the back of the pants I want you to see...not his butt!

Congrats Luanne and thanks to all who played the game!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. What a beautiful piece of art! Great gift! Congradulations to Blue Eyed Tango!!!

  2. Oh my goodness how cool this artwork is, he is very clever with the horseshoes! I cannot believe I won the hoof pick! Thanks so much Desert Rose, very generous of you and it was a fun game to play too! Luanne

  3. What an amazing artist....and a cool gift! Nobody on her block will have a hoof pick that unique! ;)

  4. Love the hoofpick, congratulations BET!

  5. How cool that I even guessed what it was. lol! I'm honored!

    Congrats to Blue Eyed Tango! What an awesomely amazing unqiue goodie to win. Yay!

    Those horse sculptures are gorgeous, Desert Rose. How lucky to have someone so talented in your family :)


  6. Thanks for calling me out! I really appreciate it. And Congrats to Blue Eyed Tango!

  7. Those are great pics. of Lady and Jesse loading...I had the bruises to proove that one better get "the hell out of the way" when they are loading, or you just get squished! They certainly have it down! :-) I've came home bragging them up to my trainer!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!