Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Grand" Nanny Diaries!!!

So...I have heard of the book, I hear they made a movie about the nanny and her "tattletell" all experiences. Now, I am pretty sure she has never dreamed of working for someone like The Desert Rose but a few weeks ago one such lucky nanny...got to! Toby Jack was coming down to visit us for one whole week and that is a long time for Papa and Zsa Zsa to be on duty. We decided to get a nanny for the week.What a GREAT idea we had! The nanny came every morning at 9am. Toby would get up anywhere between 8 and 9 and come into our bed and play and snuggle with us. When the nanny arrived she would fix him a tasty breakfast. Then came craft time...Toby Jack and the nanny made this puzzle for Zsa Zsa!

Toby was soooooo proud!

The next day...I had a headache so after the nanny arrived in the morning I went back to bed to rest for awhile. 2 hours later I awoke to laughter in the pool so I went out to say hello to Toby and the nanny. However as I walked through the family room to my amazement were Toby's morning crafts...just waiting for me!

Toby put together 2 rather large puzzles...made a bear and horse that move their arms and legs, made a door hanger and a pumpkin!

I think the "Grand" Nanny Diaries could be a best seller!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Wow, that is a great idea. Definitely allows you to enjoy your little guy much more and not get totally wore out!

  2. Glad the Nanny worked out so well. Sounds like Toby Jack really liked her, and so did Zsa Zsa!!!

  3. Somedays this Auntie needs a Nanny! Looks like he had lots of fun. It probably made your visit more enjoyable too. Those little boys can wear you OUT!!!

  4. What an awesome idea! Loved Toby's art projects!

  5. You really had a great idea!! Win/Win for all concerned!!!

    Jan.. he is a cutey pie for sure!

  6. Sounds like you take the nanny home to the PNW!

  7. You gotta hand it to those nanny's.....no matter what they make, it just can't be enough!! How do they make it look so easy???

  8. What a good find! Glad you were able to take a mini-break. Maybe you can send her to Sares when you're done with her! ;)

  9. Anyone would be lucky to play with Toby Jack for the day ~ he's such a doll.


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