Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jesse Loads!!!

I have so much sympathy for those of you who have horses who do not load easily!!! My Sissy, Dusty Devoe's boy, Dusty, must have had some bad experiences loading/trailering because he is HARD to load. Only his beloved friend Doc Tony can calm him enough to load within 15 minutes!

Dusty...AKA The Dustbuster, Stardust and his trusted friend Doc Tony!!!

However in Dusty's defence, he loaded once for me...1st try. Of course it was after the Pony Cousin Stampede and he wanted to get the hell outa there! LOL Now it is great when Doc Tony is there to help us out...but he can not always be with us when we haul to a ride!
The Dustbuster AKA Star Dust tied to Jesse's Limo on a weekend summer ride! We/He did not have a good loading experience this day!
I am fortunate that Jesse has always been happy to load. Sometimes he stops at the edge and stands there to look inside...I let him. I would want to know what I was stepping up into!
After Jesse looks for a moment, The Desert Rose throws his lead over his neck and says..."Jesse up" and WA LA...

Up goes Jesse's big quarter horse butt! Now the Desert Rose did not go in with him...I will follow and tie him.Damn...Little Lady was so fast we could not get a pre-shot and see the lead rope fly from my hand???
So you ask...is The Desert Rose a magician??? Yes I am!!! LOL No... but I have decided that I do not want to waste my riding time trying to load before and after a ride! My secret???
Yes...I like you all so much, that I will share my secret with you all! Along with the hay bags hanging in the trailer for each horse, The Desert Rose has added Frosted Shredded Wheat in the hay bags!!! Since both Jesse and Little Lady know this, they are more than happy to go anywhere I ask! I have heard too many sad stories about a clinic someone wanted to attend, or a team penning lesson or finally good day for a trail ride...and then have it turn to horse shit cause "someone" would not load!!! I have heard all the trainers words about that, the horse should just load... no tricks needed. I however have never missed a ride because my horse would not load. Just for fun, the Bossman and I shot this video on one of our last rides! Check out the timer on the video!

Yes...30 seconds, but I have to say that I think we can beat that time. You see the Bossman ties the lead up around the trailer and it took him precious seconds to tie Jesse. He tied Little Lady from the outside of the trailer. I however have trailer ties inside and they are so easy I am sure we can cut some time off of the loading process. Next time we ride I will re film and see if we can break the time!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. ahhh, you are so lucky to have good loading horses. Gilly doesn't like to load and we will have to work on that (if it EVER stops raining here!!!!)
    Love the video, I am jealous!! :-(
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  2. Oh, how funny. Poor Auntie Devoe, she just can't seem to make her Stardust be CONSISTENT! I know how she feels since I am having similar problems with a certain two year old cub! Good luck trying to beat your record and I may take you up on your offer to makeover a certain rustbucket bike, LOL!

  3. I don't think I'll ever put up with a non-loading horse again. While evacuating for the fire, we had several horses that didn't load, and we had to back the trailer up to the pen. Then Cowboy H just chased them into the trailer, no halters or anything. It could have been a big mess. You have such a gentleman in Jesse, don't you!

  4. Yes, the Copperpony has his moments! I think if I had my own trailer and could practice, he would load right up. But to load 2 or 3 times a year is not enough for him. Jesse needs to teach him!!!

  5. I am lucky that My Boy loads so easily....just like Jesse. It's one thing he's good at! But honestly, sometimes we don't know why a horse becomes difficult to load, out of the blue. For example, it did not appear that Dusty was difficult to load for his previous owner, she took him on trail rides all of the time w/her back country club, and she even showed me how easily he loaded into her trailer once she dropped him off at the new barn. So who knows why this has become an issue. I think Dusty is a smart pony and just decided he's toss in a few wrenches for Dusty Devoe. I do think he'd get over it pretty quickly if he had more frequent work at it.

  6. Mine jump right on in the trailer too. I only had a problem a couple times with Fritzy. I had just gotten my trailer and after hauling to my trainer for lessons, she started to hesitate and act up in loading, than she would freak out once in the stall of the trailer, my trainer finally figured it out. Fritzy can't stand to be up against the wall, I have to haul her in the middle. Or if she is in the first stall, I have to leave the divider open so she can get off the wall.
    When my trainer hauled for me, she has a big 6 horse, she never put a horse in the first stall so Fritzy was never up on the wall. I am figuring she needs to really spread her legs out to balance and being on the wall prevented that and made her freak out. I haven't had a problem since hauling her in the middle, she jumps in and out just fine now! (She does add in her impatience with pawing of course!)

  7. I hope this year that the Dustbuster will begin to recongnize my trialer and feel safe getting in. I also hope he will remember the frosted shredded wheat!!! LOL

  8. Frosted Shredded Wheat...of course. Good one Mz. Desert Rose! My mare loves that cereal as a treat. She'd go anywhere for a few 'bales' of shredded wheat. :)


  9. My Boyz usually load easily into our stock trailer. Not so much in a regular divided trailer.

    LOVE the Frosted Mini Wheats. I might have to try that. Mine don't just jump right on in there, and that I would like to see.

  10. We are so fortunate in that we have no problems loading our mares...they are both great about it. I really feel for Dusty -- that would be so scary and frustrating to have to deal with. I like the frosted mini-wheats idea....I think I'll get some for our horses!!

  11. Costco usually has them in a double box for a great price. The next best price is Target. I also have "house" brands sometimes at grocery store cause they are cheeper than the frosted shredded wheat...but I don't like them as well. You won't how many PEOPLE take some out of Jesse's feed bucket when they see it sitting on the porch after I have made it!LOL Costco also has double bags of raisens that I give him. He did NOT like them at first he would spit them out of the oatmeal cookie his desert auntie would get for OUR lunches but the horses always got them. he also eats grapes...but only if I squish them!!!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!