Monday, May 18, 2009


Most of us have at one time or another had a secret crush on someone or fantasized about someone from afar. The worst is of course is when the object of your affection does not respond to your advances of courtship and love. It can break your heart. In our household Oliver is "the prince". He is 18 1/2 years old and has a brain tumor that has been radiated. Other than arthritis he really is doing well.

When he lost his companion of 15 years, 2 years ago, we agreed to take one of the Rosebud's cats and see how she and Oliver got along. We knew that there would be some adjustment time for both of them...for Oliver it was love at 1st sight. Suzy Q on the other hand not only hissed and slapped at him, she would attack him!!! And for no reason! Because of Oliver's health issues we decided that Suzy Q could not live with us anymore. However I checked in with his animal communicator to see how he felt. She had helped him through the loss of his companion and in making his decision to have the radiation treatment. I was pretty sure Oliver would say that she should go and maybe we could look for another companion. But... Oliver told the communicator that it did not matter to him that Suzy Q was mean to him or that she attacked him. He was content to worship her from afar! Unrequited love...and Oliver would rather have that with Suzy Q than not have her at all!

Here are some pictures of Oliver sneaking close to Suzy Q...and she allowed it!!!

Suzy Q must have grown fonder of Oliver over the years...however she will still slap at him and every now and then...attack him!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Perhaps he is winning her over???? I sure hope so ---- poor guy sounds like he deserves all the happiness he can get!

  2. Leave it to the ladies to act like a real moody bi-atch! Poor Oliver, all he wants is someone to love on in his old age. I'm glad to know she's gotten nicer to him. It sounds like Foo and Jax. She doesn't like him either and he adores her. She doesn't attack him though. Usually the only time they fight is over a bone (which has injured Foo once) or over the Man Cubs table scraps.
    I'll see you and the Tobster on Sunday!

  3. I'm glad Suzy Q and Oliver are able to cohabitate now! Oliver is really a miracle kitty. He is such a handsome boy.

  4. Such cat silliness! Mine slap, fight, attack each other all the time! We have the meanie, the tuxedo million dollar cat, that starts fights with everyone. It's not because he doesn't like them, it because he thinks he rules the roost!
    Love your Suzy Q and Oliver!

  5. ahhh poor Oliver. he just wants a little love!

    Jan :)

  6. I adore Oliver. He is the most handsome kitty! Does he like affection? Is he a lap cat?

    My Oreo used to rule the roost and was a good boy, except for not really liking a lot of affection or kids, until Javalina kitty came along. She is sweet to everyone. The kids can lug her around upside down and she is relaxed and content...even purring.
    Oreo hates her. He started peeing in the house after she arrived. We've tried everything, vet visits, meds, adding more litterboxes. He will still pee everywhere.
    So now he's a garage and outdoor cat and never the two kitties shall meet.



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