Sunday, May 3, 2009

"The Hell Bitch"!!!

If you are reading this must surely know the movie, LONESOME DOVE! It is in my top 3 favorite movies, my number one western. If you read my side bar you will see that under cowboys with class I briefly chatted with Bobby Duval a year or so ago. I use sayings from the movie quite frequently and do believe that it is the most true to life in it's time period ever made.
One of my favorite "characters" in this movie was the white unbroken mare that Capt' Call was going to break for himself! Ha....she just about broke him! So when here in the desert another "character" was acting viciously...I gave her this name from LONESOME DOVE with much affection!
So...look closely in the cab of the truck! Do you see a cute little cowdog in there??? Auntie Rose is goning to go say hi to this cowdog and give her a scratch behind the ear!

This little cowdog will be soooo happy to see her Auntie Rose!

Now this little cowdog has known The Desert Rose for at least 5 years now!

She greets me the same every time!

Here you can see her true affection for me!

Here she is with her dad "Spanky" who she LOVES! She rides around the stables all day next to him the golf cart checking out all the action going on!

Hay...Hell are on my front porch!!! And then...this is what happens when you go to the office to pay your monthly board!

Kinda makes you want to tell go get a dog that fucking (25 cents in the cuss jar!) likes you!!!

There is only one time that the "Hell Bitch" will ever let anyone near her, and that is in the golf cart if she is in the middle! See my hands on her??? Once she even layed her head on my knee. Yes, my heart melted and I thought she finally liked me!!!

So now that you can see how sweet the "Hell Bitch" is in the golf cart...take a look at this!

As you can see, as soon as I dismount the golf cart...I am again, A wicked witch!

So as hard as I have tried to make friends with the " Hell Bitch", she will have no part of it! does hurt my feelings. I am after all... known as the cookie lady by all the horses here and the " Hell Bitch" would certainly benefit from my friendship. Spanky says she is just scared! However as a "Bitch" myself, I think she is just protecting her man!

The Desert Rose and Spanky make nice for the camera at the barn party!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Oh, that's funny! Cute dog but not very friendly for sure! You named her right!!! LOL
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  2. Now that is not a very nice dog! I thought my Aussie had issues, at least mine likes humans! Has she ever bitten anyone before? Can anyone touch her?
    I sure did get a good laugh though, especially the videos.

  3. Was her name Cujo?....what a funny girl! She is probably afraid, I notice she's all bark and no bite, at least she didn't appear to be really trying to get you, I think if she wanted to she could have! I've known other cattle dogs that were very loyal and protective of their people!

  4. I remember her being a snarley little thing! I worked with a guy who had the exact same dog, looked just like her, and acted the same way.

  5. Reminds me of the Foo Foo when she has a Man Cub coming at her. Not that I blame her, he's hell on wheels that one. He can pester the dickens out of her and Jax. If you were around Foo a lot she would love you. she pretty much likes everyone she knows except little tykes because she is unsure of them. Except for the Pirate Princess, she never feared her because she never bothered her.

  6. Yes...but I would LOVE to br friends with "The Hell Bitch" she just will not have nothing to do with me!!!

  7. Oh hilarious! Cowboy H and I are watching Lonesome Dove right now actually (it takes us about 3 weeks to get through it!). I woulda never thought to call her Hell Bitch, but it is perfect! She gave little Hank a whooping today I heard!

  8. Yikes, that hell bitch looks like a liability. Hope she is all bark and no bite! I know another dog that acts very similar (maybe not quite so bitchy), and it is the same breed....

  9. That was just too funny! The dog looks like a psycho.....never heard of a dog behaving only for a golf cart!

  10. Maybe she only likes men? What a tiger she is! gah! I've never had a good experience with cattle dogs. They tend to be super loyal only to their immediate owner or family and distrustful of anyone else.
    She probably thought you sat on the golf cart to provide a soft pillow for her to rest her head. She SO used you, Mz Rose! lol!

    Those were some funny, scary videos!
    And you want me to come to visit to help rebuild my confidance you say? With that devil around?


  11. Yea, I remember her! She's quite the personality around there! LOL
    I love your pics. of the PCT ride, and those baby party pics. too! Cute!


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!