Monday, May 18, 2009

Time too....say Goodby!!!

We have come to the end of our season here in the desert! It is always hard to say good by to friends and...the leisurely lifestyle we lead down here. Most of our friends are also heading back to the PNW for the summer but I will need to say good by to my desert buckaroo's and this year Little lady will have to say good bye to her 2 dads! I bet some of you are thinking that Little Lady's dads are the book, MY 2 Dads!

In this instance I mean Slick and The Bossman.

Yes...they both think they are studs, but only one is a STALLION!!!

Slick is her biological dad...and The Bossman is her human dad! This year instead of going to Montana in the big pasture for the summer she is going to the PNW with her Auntie Rose! And of course Jesse will be staying with The Bossman. This will be one of the saddest goodbye's I will have to say. It will be over 6 months till our next season I will need to come and visit Jesse during the summer. I am trying to convince PONY GIRL to come with me in June ( 100 plus degrees) and ride the PCT!!!

As all of us equine owners feel...there is nothing as sweet, to the depths of your soul as the bonding you have with your horse! They touch you in a way that no one ever has...or ever will because it is not a place that a "mare" human could go. Oh and by the way...notice how Jesse matched his outfit to mine today??? Would YOUR cowboy do that, with out begging him???

And talk about sweet, 2 new friends this year, Tristan and Toby have to say good by for the season too! But Toby is already planning his visits down here next season. One change will be that his 2 yr old brother Jed will get to come down too because Toby has FINALLY agreed that Jed can get a TICKET too!!!

The Desert Rose will still be posting and riding, no pun intended here only as of May 16th with Little Lady and The King, in the PNW!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I think it is wonderful you can be a snowbird.. if we ever get out from under our Company.. I want to do just that!! Go to the Sun!!!

    Welcome back to the PNW!

    Jan :)

  2. It'll be good to have you back! I know you will miss your Jesse terribly! That would be so hard!

  3. You are gonna miss him!! I see mine every weekend and I still miss them so much. Having the fillies visit is fun, but I miss my Boyz.

  4. I can feel the love between you and Jesse! He knows his mama loves him!

  5. I don't know how you are going to be able to say goodbye to your equine friend. At least you can go and visit him. Glad you are coming back in this direction, I hear we may see you Sunday, Yippee. I have to tell you Miss H was excited, hopefully she'll be around to see you. If you have any blogging things you want to learn, bring your computer and if I know how to do it, I'll hook you up with some new tricks! Love Ya!

  6. Aw, Jesse will be well-taken care of! I bet you are sad to leave the desert, I would be. If Paint Girl will come down with me, I'm there! :) xo

  7. If you come visit during the summer, you should come out our way and we will ride in the state park. Then you can see Bella and Maria and how fat and purty they are!

  8. OMG, This picture of you and Jesse's goodbye brought tears to me! But, This will be an interesting season with Little Lady and King here though! I'm looking forward to coming down to PDX and riding! Love the pic. of my fav. Bossman! He pampered us so nicely on trail! I had a mimosa at a restaraunt on Mothers day and it brought back memories of those wonderful mimosas he made before heading out on the trail! :-)

  9. Welcome back to the PNW homestead! Hope to get to see you more this summer. Jesse will be in wonderful hands this summer and hopefully it will help resolve his owie hoof problem. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder!

  10. Such a great picture of you and Jesse....I cannot imagine how hard it would be to say goodbye. You are right, when you bond with your horse, it is a special kind of feeling. I could not part with my Divna. We have decided that even if she loses her other eye, we are still going to keep her....


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!