Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Our 5 month old granddaughter, The Rosa Jewel and her Cowgirl dog, Laya are becoming fast friends! Notice how Laya thinks she has herded The Rosa Jewel to the blanket??? Can't wait till the Rosa Jewel starts to walk...!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Most of us have at one time or another had a secret crush on someone or fantasized about someone from afar. The worst is of course is when the object of your affection does not respond to your advances of courtship and love. It can break your heart. In our household Oliver is "the prince". He is 18 1/2 years old and has a brain tumor that has been radiated. Other than arthritis he really is doing well.

When he lost his companion of 15 years, 2 years ago, we agreed to take one of the Rosebud's cats and see how she and Oliver got along. We knew that there would be some adjustment time for both of them...for Oliver it was love at 1st sight. Suzy Q on the other hand not only hissed and slapped at him, she would attack him!!! And for no reason! Because of Oliver's health issues we decided that Suzy Q could not live with us anymore. However I checked in with his animal communicator to see how he felt. She had helped him through the loss of his companion and in making his decision to have the radiation treatment. I was pretty sure Oliver would say that she should go and maybe we could look for another companion. But... Oliver told the communicator that it did not matter to him that Suzy Q was mean to him or that she attacked him. He was content to worship her from afar! Unrequited love...and Oliver would rather have that with Suzy Q than not have her at all!

Here are some pictures of Oliver sneaking close to Suzy Q...and she allowed it!!!

Suzy Q must have grown fonder of Oliver over the years...however she will still slap at him and every now and then...attack him!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Time too....say Goodby!!!

We have come to the end of our season here in the desert! It is always hard to say good by to friends and...the leisurely lifestyle we lead down here. Most of our friends are also heading back to the PNW for the summer but I will need to say good by to my desert buckaroo's and this year Little lady will have to say good bye to her 2 dads! I bet some of you are thinking that Little Lady's dads are the book, MY 2 Dads!

In this instance I mean Slick and The Bossman.

Yes...they both think they are studs, but only one is a STALLION!!!

Slick is her biological dad...and The Bossman is her human dad! This year instead of going to Montana in the big pasture for the summer she is going to the PNW with her Auntie Rose! And of course Jesse will be staying with The Bossman. This will be one of the saddest goodbye's I will have to say. It will be over 6 months till our next season I will need to come and visit Jesse during the summer. I am trying to convince PONY GIRL to come with me in June ( 100 plus degrees) and ride the PCT!!!

As all of us equine owners feel...there is nothing as sweet, to the depths of your soul as the bonding you have with your horse! They touch you in a way that no one ever has...or ever will because it is not a place that a "mare" human could go. Oh and by the way...notice how Jesse matched his outfit to mine today??? Would YOUR cowboy do that, with out begging him???

And talk about sweet, 2 new friends this year, Tristan and Toby have to say good by for the season too! But Toby is already planning his visits down here next season. One change will be that his 2 yr old brother Jed will get to come down too because Toby has FINALLY agreed that Jed can get a TICKET too!!!

The Desert Rose will still be posting and riding, no pun intended here only as of May 16th with Little Lady and The King, in the PNW!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clinical Trial, Cowgirls Needed!!!

This is a clinical trial:

So let's say the cowboy is just ugly...and he does buy you another drink. Does he become more handsome or less ugly??? Or if he's really ugly and he buys you a he now just ugly? And if he bought you a 3rd drink would he now be really handsome and hardly ugly???

About the only way you can really answer this I think after 3 drinks!!! That is assuming you only had one to start with. You may start your research at any time I will even provide the ugly cowboy that will be used in this trial.

So you cowgirls know the have all seen "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"

THE GOOD......................................................THE BAD ......................................................THE UGLY

You must use THE UGLY in your clinical research...using the strikingly handsome GOOD GUY or the suave and darkly handsome BAD GUY would only give the research false results! I trust that all you cowgirls will tell me truly if after your 3 drinks you still think the "THE UGLY GUY" is STILL UGLY!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Grand" Nanny Diaries!!!

So...I have heard of the book, I hear they made a movie about the nanny and her "tattletell" all experiences. Now, I am pretty sure she has never dreamed of working for someone like The Desert Rose but a few weeks ago one such lucky to! Toby Jack was coming down to visit us for one whole week and that is a long time for Papa and Zsa Zsa to be on duty. We decided to get a nanny for the week.What a GREAT idea we had! The nanny came every morning at 9am. Toby would get up anywhere between 8 and 9 and come into our bed and play and snuggle with us. When the nanny arrived she would fix him a tasty breakfast. Then came craft time...Toby Jack and the nanny made this puzzle for Zsa Zsa!

Toby was soooooo proud!

The next day...I had a headache so after the nanny arrived in the morning I went back to bed to rest for awhile. 2 hours later I awoke to laughter in the pool so I went out to say hello to Toby and the nanny. However as I walked through the family room to my amazement were Toby's morning crafts...just waiting for me!

Toby put together 2 rather large puzzles...made a bear and horse that move their arms and legs, made a door hanger and a pumpkin!

I think the "Grand" Nanny Diaries could be a best seller!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Life is a box of never know what You're gonna get!

Forest Gump!!! What a movie...and metaphor for life!!! I will always stop at this movie ...if it is on when I flip channels!!! Case in point!

Here is "Slick The Ungelding"!
He was bred to a bay mare, and look what came out!!!
Ok... (no NOT me ) but this beautiful... (no spots...) bay mare... She is...Little Lady!

So Forest Gump is NOT as stupid as he looks... you never know what you are going to get!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Just a tribute to those of you cowgirls that are mama's! You don't have to have stretch marks to be a mama...your furry babies count just as much here...although I am laughing at the image of one of you with a kitten hanging from her titty!!! LOL
Remember when you were little and your mama would give the same good advise her mama gave to her!Because of her mother daughter talk to you, you vowed to never loose your man to a cowgirl, instead you would become one!

You found a Flashy horse...
And learned to ride him!

You can handle a six shooter...always wearing your spurs!

You dreamed of finding your man!!!

A bit realize he needs more training than your horse did!!!

So for all you HOT MAMA COWGIRLS out there...Happy Mother's Day!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Art of Bev Doolittle!!!

All you need to see is this most famous painting and you will recognize the art work of the very talented and amazing artist, Bev Doolittle! The hidden pony's are her most recognizable works, however Bev also paints Native Americans and other animals.
This painting has particular meaning to me because it depicts the wild horses that use to live in the Indian Canyons that I ride all the time. The area they lived in was nearby our favorite rock picnic table I have posted about. The horses are no longer there, they were not able to survive in the conditions,not enough food or water year round!

So...the reason for this post is...Bev Doolittle is a member of my desert riders group!!! Bev does not own a horse but there are several members that let her ride one of their extra mounts or she rents a horse from our stables. I told her that I had not seen her this season on any rides(I have missed several due to GRANDCHILDREN!!!) She was on the last ride and i did not get to go : ( !

I told Bev if she wanted to ride that she could ride Jesse if Little Lady was available for me to ride and she was thrilled! I took her to Jesse's' stall to meet him...with some carrot's so he will remember her!

Jesse should remember Bev now!!!Look for pictures of Bev and Jesse next season!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jesse Loads!!!

I have so much sympathy for those of you who have horses who do not load easily!!! My Sissy, Dusty Devoe's boy, Dusty, must have had some bad experiences loading/trailering because he is HARD to load. Only his beloved friend Doc Tony can calm him enough to load within 15 minutes!

Dusty...AKA The Dustbuster, Stardust and his trusted friend Doc Tony!!!

However in Dusty's defence, he loaded once for me...1st try. Of course it was after the Pony Cousin Stampede and he wanted to get the hell outa there! LOL Now it is great when Doc Tony is there to help us out...but he can not always be with us when we haul to a ride!
The Dustbuster AKA Star Dust tied to Jesse's Limo on a weekend summer ride! We/He did not have a good loading experience this day!
I am fortunate that Jesse has always been happy to load. Sometimes he stops at the edge and stands there to look inside...I let him. I would want to know what I was stepping up into!
After Jesse looks for a moment, The Desert Rose throws his lead over his neck and says..."Jesse up" and WA LA...

Up goes Jesse's big quarter horse butt! Now the Desert Rose did not go in with him...I will follow and tie him.Damn...Little Lady was so fast we could not get a pre-shot and see the lead rope fly from my hand???
So you The Desert Rose a magician??? Yes I am!!! LOL No... but I have decided that I do not want to waste my riding time trying to load before and after a ride! My secret???
Yes...I like you all so much, that I will share my secret with you all! Along with the hay bags hanging in the trailer for each horse, The Desert Rose has added Frosted Shredded Wheat in the hay bags!!! Since both Jesse and Little Lady know this, they are more than happy to go anywhere I ask! I have heard too many sad stories about a clinic someone wanted to attend, or a team penning lesson or finally good day for a trail ride...and then have it turn to horse shit cause "someone" would not load!!! I have heard all the trainers words about that, the horse should just load... no tricks needed. I however have never missed a ride because my horse would not load. Just for fun, the Bossman and I shot this video on one of our last rides! Check out the timer on the video!

Yes...30 seconds, but I have to say that I think we can beat that time. You see the Bossman ties the lead up around the trailer and it took him precious seconds to tie Jesse. He tied Little Lady from the outside of the trailer. I however have trailer ties inside and they are so easy I am sure we can cut some time off of the loading process. Next time we ride I will re film and see if we can break the time!

Your Desert Rose!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"The Hell Bitch"!!!

If you are reading this must surely know the movie, LONESOME DOVE! It is in my top 3 favorite movies, my number one western. If you read my side bar you will see that under cowboys with class I briefly chatted with Bobby Duval a year or so ago. I use sayings from the movie quite frequently and do believe that it is the most true to life in it's time period ever made.
One of my favorite "characters" in this movie was the white unbroken mare that Capt' Call was going to break for himself! Ha....she just about broke him! So when here in the desert another "character" was acting viciously...I gave her this name from LONESOME DOVE with much affection!
So...look closely in the cab of the truck! Do you see a cute little cowdog in there??? Auntie Rose is goning to go say hi to this cowdog and give her a scratch behind the ear!

This little cowdog will be soooo happy to see her Auntie Rose!

Now this little cowdog has known The Desert Rose for at least 5 years now!

She greets me the same every time!

Here you can see her true affection for me!

Here she is with her dad "Spanky" who she LOVES! She rides around the stables all day next to him the golf cart checking out all the action going on!

Hay...Hell are on my front porch!!! And then...this is what happens when you go to the office to pay your monthly board!

Kinda makes you want to tell go get a dog that fucking (25 cents in the cuss jar!) likes you!!!

There is only one time that the "Hell Bitch" will ever let anyone near her, and that is in the golf cart if she is in the middle! See my hands on her??? Once she even layed her head on my knee. Yes, my heart melted and I thought she finally liked me!!!

So now that you can see how sweet the "Hell Bitch" is in the golf cart...take a look at this!

As you can see, as soon as I dismount the golf cart...I am again, A wicked witch!

So as hard as I have tried to make friends with the " Hell Bitch", she will have no part of it! does hurt my feelings. I am after all... known as the cookie lady by all the horses here and the " Hell Bitch" would certainly benefit from my friendship. Spanky says she is just scared! However as a "Bitch" myself, I think she is just protecting her man!

The Desert Rose and Spanky make nice for the camera at the barn party!

Your Desert Rose!