Monday, April 5, 2010

Cowgirl Decorating!

I think you have all seen pictures of my tack room here in the desert. I have one of the 3 (coveted) cedar buildings with it's own porch. I even have a sink on the porch witch really does come in handy. No hot water, but it works great for filling the horses water bottles and rinsing out things. I used to share my tack with "The Ghost Rider" but she has moved to another stable and does not at this time have plans to come back here. The big joke around the stables is...who did you have to sleep with to get that tack room??? Now, it's no secret that the owner of the stables thinks I am a bit long in the tooth for him...

Private tack rooms are only assigned to year round boarders and The Ghost Rider and I had agreed to pay board full time to be able to get a private tack room. Oh the horror stories I could tell you of sharing a tack room!!! Anyway after The Ghost Rider left the stables...I was worried who they would put in the tack room with me because the tack room is meant to be shared. But because Little Lady will be mine when I come back next year and I will be paying board for 2 horses I hope I do not have to share my tack room. Quite is hard to be sharing always seem to get in each other's way!

I have been waiting oh so patiently for the Bossman to have a day off so that he could help me do the work. I said I would get one of the wranglers to help but he poo pooed that idea...he said they do a lousy job. I think he really wanted to add his opinion to where everything should go if you ask me!!!

One wall had 2 rows of 3 saddle racks side by side. I do not need that many saddle racks but I do need a saddle pad we took down the saddle racks and discussed for an hour how and where the saddle pad rack would go!

When I arrived the Bossman had already taken out all of my tack that would be in his way and put it in the back of his truck!

My pop up barrel's and poles will go back in the trailer now for storage as I am done with them for the season.

Tack that is going back into the tack room after the remodel is all over the porch!

The counter is full of nails, screws and whatchamacllits!
This is where the 2nd row of saddle racks was! The Bossman is moving hooks that will be in the way!

And yes...even though it was not a ride...the Bossman tended bar!!!

I will be posting pictures of the newly remodeled tack room soon!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Well, I think since he does a fair amount of tacking up your horses, he SHOULD get a say in how the tack room is organized!

    I cannot wait to see the finished product! I bet it'll be nicer than most people's living rooms...and smell better! ;)

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. Holy Smoke!!! What a neat tack room, to die for!! Yea!!! All that space and a porch too??? Wow, I am impressed and can't wait to see the redo.
    (You asked about what picture program I used to get a yellow dog! LOL I have a program called "Corel Media One" that has all kinds of neat quick editing and an advanced one. With it I was able to add yellow to the paint bucket, then move the bucket over the area to be painted and yellow dog!)

  4. You are spoiled Desert Rose. That is all there is to it. :)
    Oh, thanks for the COWGIRL mag. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every glossy page. My dad was here for Easter dinner and he read it front to back (and clipped out the perfect margarita recipe!)

  5. Your tack room is beautiful. And you really know how to do things right (the bar!!) -- enjoy!!!

  6. Lovely tack room. My tack room is the barn wherever stuff will fit/my room in the house.

  7. Wow, It's really looking good! I can't wait to see it! Won't be long now...:-) Tell Bossman I'm looking forward to seeing him too! Will he be able to go riding with us?

  8. I have always been jealous of your tack room, I have to use a garage as a tack room, and there is NO bar!! BUT I have big plans for my OH to build me that dream tack room, with a porch, hitching posts and that bar!!

  9. Looks great (in progress) and can't wait to see it IN PERSON! Next year for sure! With or sans my lovely cuzettes, I am coming!

  10. Can't wait to see the finished product. You and the bossman are like brother and sister!! I'm hoping to come down and ride with the two of you onery kids next year!! if I can stand to leave my King!

  11. I agree, you're one spoiled cowgirl! LOL! I just moved my tack out to the barn for's in my kitchen on racks right inside the door during winter! We have to haul them in and out when I want to it's a workout even before I ride a horse! Now we have waterproof tarps over them in the barn because of all the winged friends that make nests in our barn! Thank you for my magazine!!! I haven't gotten to read it yet though....gotta get caught up on all the stuff around here. I've been gone a week! Can't wait! Such a nice surprise waiting for me!


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