Monday, April 19, 2010

We hade a pot luck earlier this year at our house. I make the entree and some else makes the salad and some one brings desert. Then we all bring a small appitizer to eat during the coctail hour. One of our friends...a doctor made and brought this to my party, and I was real impressed with his work!

And I gotta say he was quite proud ofit too!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. :-) Cute...I can picture him carefully plating all of that... An "A" for effort...

  2. Ahahahaha, that's pretty funny! I just love when guys actually get into their cooking!

  3. Pretty cool! Guess he is not much of a cook, right? But he is creative!!

  4. A horseshoe, eh?
    The blue spots on the edge seem to spin as you look at it....wooooeeeewoooooo! lol!



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Jesse and his Desert Rose!