Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Doll's Last Ride!

Yup...up to the very tip top of that mountain is where Baby Doll is going!!! Recently Baby Doll stopped by the desert to visit and get in a ride with me on her way back to the PNW. Yes...her "snowbird" season is over and she is now back in the evergreen state! Since we only had one day to ride I wanted to take her on a ride she has not been on before. Since the Bossman was not able to join us, I decided that I would not hook up the trailer but instead take her on a ride from the stables. Baby Doll has ridden all but a few of the trails in my "back yard" I had to rack my brain to remember the trails she had and had not ridden. I think I still have a few to scare ( surprise) her with.
We got a late start because our riding buckaroo's that were going to hook up with us had left me a voicemail saying that they would not be going with us...only I did NOT get that message. to make a long story short...Mama and Cowboy H missed a great ride with us on the CLARA!!!

The CLARA is a ride that few people do from our stables...I believe this trail has gotten a bad reputation from people riding it that had horses that were not trail savvy...or maybe the riders themselves had "fear of heights" issues, but the trail is spectacular and offers a 360 degree view of the valley! I knew Baby Doll was up to the ride because anyone that can swim in a river bareback on a horse can do anything I could throw at her!
Up at the top of the CLARA are tie rails for the horses...
And picnic tables for us!
By the way...the dirt road you see in the background is kinda like SARAH PALIN'S bridge to nowhere...because it goes now where and is a big folly. Someday I will tell you all about it~
Here is another view from the top of the world!
Do you notice all the trail bags and blankets on Jesse's back??? Baby Doll insisted on taking that blanket with her even though I assured her that we would NOT be spending the night!!!

Coming down the backside of the CLARA... Lady loves the view and is ever so careful on the steep, drop off, switchback, scary trail!Jesse and Baby Doll are almost home...Jesse can see the stables from here and is thinking about his dinner!!!

I just got say this...Baby Doll you have exceeded my expectations in your riding ability and I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to you being here in the desert with me next season!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. Way to go Babydoll, if the Desert Rose is proud of you that means you did a good job! Hope that I have a chance to ride down there with the two of you next year, but I have dibs on Little Lady!! I'm really wanting to try her on some of those fantastic trails!

  2. that sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to hit the PNW trails with you this summer!

  3. I think Baby Doll has a lot of grit for continuing to to be willing to hit the trail with you, even knowing that you go out of your way to scare ... I mean CHALLENGE her.

    Good job and great pix!

  4. You have the most amazing trails girl! I wish I could come ride with ya.

  5. You ladies certainly had some great rides this year. Baby Doll definitely cowgirl'd up! That baby girl in the previous post is awful cute too!

  6. Aw, looks like so much fun! Such beautiful weather, and BD looks like she had such fun! Can't wait to visit you there again! Maybe a big 40th bday bash in the desert next year???? ;)

  7. Wow...what a trail! Rocks, Boulders, Steep, not a tree to be seen....and what's up with all that smog? We're there fires burning nearby?

    Way to go Baby Doll. She's one tough, brave cowgirl! (But why was her helmet on her saddle....just like the blanket...just in case? lol!)

    It was great to see Jesse healthy and strong again to ride the trails.


  8. Oh! And guess what? I got the Cowgirl magazine you sent. Thank you!

  9. Ha! Laughing Orca! You are sooo right! I do get hot under that helmet sometimes in the desert, and a bit lazy sometimes. But, I definately travel with it, because if we decide to do any loping or I just happen to get a gut feeling...I put it on. This was a really nice ride, I LOVED those tables we sat at and had lunch. It WAS at the top of the world! I can't wait either to spend the season down there next year! Thank you for the riding compliments Desert Rose.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!