Friday, April 9, 2010

Cowgirl Showplace!

It's finished! Well...almost finished. But enough is done that I decided to go ahead and share it with you now.
Here is my saddle rack, kids saddles on top, my saddle in the middle and Baby Doll's saddle on the bottom.'s not really Baby Doll's saddle...but it's the one she uses when she rides Jesse. It is the "guest saddle". Notice my Pendleton blankets over a pad beneath each saddle. The Red & black hanging tack caddy holds my riding gloves, bit wipes and odds and ends that need a small space to store. My grooming kit is on the floor by the window and the bath kit is behind it. Beneath the saddles is a rolling bag that stores extra saddle bags, cantle bags, horn bags, and extra cinches ect. There are extra halters hanging in the bridle bag.
In the center are my pomel bags and hanging over them are my COWGIRL KARMA HIPSTER belts that I always ride with!!!
And of brand new saddle pad rack!!! There are several saddle pads on the rack and over the top are my saddle bags. I have several different sizes depending on the length of the ride and of course difficulty of the ride. If there is not water on the trail...I always carry water for the horses with their little red water bowl. easy boot, and first aid kit for any ride over 2 hours long. If I take lunch for me...I always pack one for the horses. It is so funny...any horse that rides with me knows that auntie will feed them their lunch... when we are done with ours! By the way... the "show piece" saddle and black Pendleton saddle blanket was a Xmas gift from the Bossman this year! I don't want to use it and ruin it. I love how it looks hanging there!!!
I was standing in the doorway taking a picture of the center of the tack room but the sun was so bright all you see is my shadow!This was the picture I was trying to take. My visors and everyday riding hats hanging on the horseshoe hook. In the middle is my Zsa Zsa brag board with feed/snack bins beneath and then the "special halters and bridles" are hanging over another storage bag for riding things. This one has TP (Charmin) panty liners...all sizes, sell phone holders with clips for my guests, extra sun screen and other personal items! Notice my new sign over the "special halters and bridles" rack??? I had this made at the Palm Springs Rodeo! Notice...that "Lady" has a place on the sign???
Here's the fridge...we keep lots of carrots, apples, raisins, cheese "lemonade" champagne, water and COORS LIGHT! Freezer has frozen water, lemonade and chilled glass's for Mimosa's! The red bin holds all kinds of trail snacks...a very popular feature of my tack room. My window is open for a nice breeze...the cupboards and cabinets hold all sorts of personal...3 for lunch/food items and the big cupboards have extra fly spray/shampoo ect stored in them. Oh yes...the left hand drawer is a catch all!!!
Everyday halters and bridles hang right at the door!

Hanging above the door is my Xmas gift from Mama and Cowboy H 3 years ago!!! And the one new new brindle cowhide!!! I thought for sure the Bossman would hate it...but he and his grandson...noticed it and approved while sneaking in for a "grandchild snack"...see, I told you the red bucket was popular!!!

I do have some plans for either an easy chair in the corner or if they are still available two matching chairs from a second hand store...we move the chairs from the outside inside quite a bit because it gets cold once the sun goes down.
For those of you who haven't seen my tack room are some pictures of the outside. The trail bags are sitting outside getting ready to go for a long ride! Side of the building has a tie rail just out of the picture!
And of WELCOME sign to all Cowboys!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I love your welcome sign. I fancy making myself one when I find if dad took my wood I had saved up.

  2. OMG! It's wonderful! My little heart skipped a beat when I saw "my saddle" had a special place and you've referred to it "TWICE NOW" as Baby Dolls saddle...hee! hee! I think you've set a precedence now! :-)(Thanks Bossman!) You two did a great job!I'm getting excited for our ride!

  3. That is a tackroom to die for! We have a frig in our shop which isn't too far from the trailer and the tierail... but you have everything in once spot --- LOVELY!

  4. It looks great! Very organized and clean. I hope you have some big bolts on the door, LOL! I'm mad at myself because I saw a cool canteen at the Thrift Shop the other day and I should have bought it! It was 2.99 and would have looked cool in your tack room.

  5. WOW Looks like a cool tack room! And yes I would buy you another drink. LOL

  6. Looking good!! Now if only I can get my OH to build me my dream tack room, I have soooo many ideas!! Thanks to you!


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!