Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rosa Jewel!

Isn't she just the cutest baby???

This is a picture from last fall but I want you all to see how serious the Rosa Jewel is about her name sake.

Oh ya...she wanted to show you her shoes...ring a bell with anyone???

Your Desert Rose!


  1. SO cute! Almost as cute as Baby Grace's HOT PINK MOCS! She loves those little shoes. I almost let her wear them to school today, but I didn't trust her teachers to change her into outdoor shoes before they went outside. You have a knack for finding cute baby shoes!

  2. Beautiful eyes. And those are the cutest shoes ever! ;) Have a great ride today!

  3. What beautiful eyes on your sweet girl! The shoes are adorable.

  4. Too stinkin' cute! What a precious little muffin! Smooch on those cheeks for me, k?


  5. Dontcha wish you could find shoes like that in your size? And where do you keep coming up with these cute grandbabies?

  6. beautiful baby! what darling shoes!

    I totally forgot to thank you for the Cowgirl Magazine!

    Love it! But haven't had a chance to even really open it up and read it !


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!