Thursday, April 15, 2010

So You Have a Gelding???

I think that there is a mix of you out there...about half of you have geldings and the other half, mares. I just learned this year that mares can get a waxy build up around their nipples and they need to be checked from time to time to see that they are not waxed and inflamed. Lady is pretty good about grooming her teats...when she rolls in the arena...just before she gets up she uses her teeth around that area to groom. She probably does that because IF she didn't The Bossman would use the water hose and spray her teats. She must think if that's the Bossman's before play...she don't want no part of it!!!
Now...the other half with Geldings/Stallions there is another rather private area that needs to be checked and attended to from time to time. SHEATH CLEANING!!! Now most us us Cowgirls just add it to the vets list at the same time as the dental appointment ( Jesse for sure needs to have meds for this or he will COW KICK YOU!!!) He always has a bean of wax (or 2) and has a very nasty sheath even though it's done 2x a year. The vet said it can't be done more often than that or it actually gets worse. There is no nastier job that a Cowgirl would choose to do!!!

So imagine my surprise at a PONY COUSIN gathering when I glanced over to see this!I just had to ask my PONY COUSIN what she was doing???My PONY COUSIN just smiled sweetly!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Gilly used to let me clean his but the last time the vet was here she was going to get a bean out. While she went to get gloves from the truck her helper got hold of Gilly's you know what and wouldn't let go and he was kicking because he about pulled it off!!! Poor Gilly it made him hump up his back, it probably really hurt too, dumb girl!!!! Wonder how she would like someone pulling on a certain part of her anatomy like that???
    So now I am sure that if I want to have him cleaned they will have to sedition him so I'm not happy about that.
    All it takes is one dumba** to make him not trust anymore!!!
    Now Pokey on the other hand is a good boy and will hold still....I am NOT letting that girl near him!
    LOL interesting pictures, did she know you were going to post it for all to see???

  2. forgive the mis spellings! I have a really bad sinus infection and the meds are making me really dingy!!! OK, dingier than normal! :-)

  3. LOL those are pricess and definately not wanting to frame then and put them on the mantle XD hahahah

    Geldings...ugh. You can be sure the second you start playing around down there a group of girl scouts, the elderly non horse people or the neighbors young kids will show up.
    I have always been a mare person. Indigo is awesome about me cleaning the nasty skin out from between her teats. I do it probably once every other week, doesn't even acknowledge I am doing it. Good, good girl.

  4. Oh, I so remember that!! That was so hilarious!! Leave it to Cuz C to do that, and you with the camera!

  5. Hahahaha! Only a pony cousin. We also add a yearly sheath cleaning to our vet list. Our boys are very good about it, but that doesn't mean I want to do it!

  6. My Boy had his done last year. He was not good about it, he had to be sedated then he still threw a fit! ;) It was the first time in like 2 1/2 years he'd had it done, and, he only had like two beans! So that was good.

  7. So funny! I can't believe you had a picture of that!
    Dusty gets his done once a year by the vet.

  8. It's part of our regular grooming. I usually just take a wet cloth and clean it out, but at bath time, I use Excalibur and stick the hose up there. They're actually pretty good about it.

  9. Ewwwww!
    Poor Pony Cousin. Does she know you've posted her photo the internet for all to see her stroking a horse's weiner? lol!

    If or when I finally meet you, I sure hope you don't catch me in any compromising positions and post them here. gah!


  10. Well, that horse isn't worried about whose touching his you know what. That's amazing.

  11. thats hilarious...

    I am not a giant gelding wanker fan, maybe thats why I have mares? If I ever own a gelding that will not be something I touch.. EVER....

    still a hilarious picture though!


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