Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is this??????

Everyone who correctly identifies what the this picture is of, will have their name put in a cowgirl hat for a drawing! The winner will be sent a Prize from JessesDesertRose for their wittiness!!!! I will post the full blog soon!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Hi!!
    How cool that artwork is...
    I thought of two things instantly:
    A horses tail(fittingly) out of horseshoes
    Or speedy exahaust from a motorcycles tailpipe
    Can't wait to see the real -entire-peice!

  2. My guess would be a witches broom made out of old bent up horseshoes, after all every good cowgirl needs a new means of transportation on Halloween, a non-flying horse just doesn't have the same pizazz. Therefor, this high speed, delux, yet antique, well worn model will be just the ticket!

  3. Looks like a piece of art made from horseshoes. Or possibly a metal statue of a horse and you have only photographed the mane part....either way it looks beautiful.

  4. Something made out of used horseshoes! I've probably seen this before but for the life of me can't remember what it is!

  5. Oh this is about a cowboy/cowgirl(maybe some gals) beard scratch. Ever heard of a type bit used on a horse overnight when you're camping, sleeping under the stars and your cowboy's beard itches, just whistle Jesse right on over and he'll lean down and give him a little more itch (and maybe no more that metal or leather)?! At first I thought it was leather, oh well.... I can see a bar going across to the right that looks like it fits right in the horses' mouth and his muzzle fits right in the curved part.... see it? The red spray nozzle has shaving cream in it if your cowboy wants to shave that itchy beard off in the morning. Jesse just pushes it with his lip. Well, I did always have a wild imagination! LOL! What else would your best friend be used for .....scratch that itch for ya or give ya a shave! Seriously, it does look like a horse sculpture (or some type of art) and it could be the mane flying up? Luanne

  6. Luanne should win for most witty guess, hee hee!
    I can tell it's horseshoes....maybe a saddle stand with a horseshoe tail??

  7. I think it looks like horseshoes too! Maybe a bench?

  8. My guess is a mane made from horse shoes. I really have no idea.

    To answer the questions you left on my blog...
    I live in Pasadena, and Mt Baldy is in the Angeles National Forest not too far from me.

  9. I'm totally a cheater, b/c I have a couple pictures of that very item myself, but here goes: A double horse head sculpture made entirely of horse shoes by a very talented man out in the desert!

  10. Someone said mane, I'm going to say a horses tail blowing in the wind!

  11. Looks like the mane of a horse on a sculpture made of horse shoes. Am I right?

  12. It is what your husband did to the horseshoes when he found out how much it cost for Jesse's special shoeing.


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