Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flower Update!!!

About a month ago I posted about my "Back Yard Beauty's" which included my Jasmine bush and my Bougainvillea. Because we also have had some rain in the last month everything is dressed in it's "Sunday best" bloom!

The Jasmine! If you remember, the buds were light pink but bloom white. Also most of the buds were near the bottom. You can still see some pink at the bottom still to bloom.

The backyard smells like a brothel!!!

The Bougainvillea!

Look how full each branch is!

Close up of the blossoms!

Surprise...another backyard beauty ready for her "photo opp"! Suzy Q loves it when mom is outside with her!!!

Hope you enjoyed my "blooming back yard"! LOL

The Desert Rose!


  1. Are you tryin' to make us jealous with all those beautiful bloomin' flowers? We might finally hit 60 degrees next week! Yeah!

  2. OH! I love your backyard. I can smell the jasmine! The bougainvillea is beautiful as is Miss Suzy Q!

  3. Jasmine is my favorite...I LOVE the fragrance! Gorgeous! will have to do a tablescape with your cowgirl dishes and be sure to link it to Tablescape Thursday so you get LOTS of comments! You can get the link from my blog....just save as a picture and then upload just like you would a photo. Maybe you already knew all that?LOL! Still waiting on people to choose their pendants then you're you still like #3? Have a wonderful weekend! Lu

  4. It is even more beautiful when you see the whole effect in your back yard!

  5. Love this post. Your backyard flowers are gorgeous.

  6. It is supposed to SNOW here this weekend!!! Thanks for the "visual" trip to someplace where it is actually spring!

  7. The bright pink flowers are beautiful. Do you ever cut bunches and bring them inside, I would be raiding those bushes, that's for sure. The flower selection is a bit scarce around here this time of year. I love flowers!

  8. I love the jasmine! I remember one year we visited neither were blooming thanks to a late year freeze! :( It makes me wish I was coming this year, but alas, I don't think it's going to happen.
    p.s. how do you know what a brothel smells like?!

  9. Oh boy, you've been busy! I'm watching my friend's 4 mo. old all day today while she and her husband go "on a date" for her birthday. They have waited a long time for this baby! She cute as a can be! Whenever there's children in the house, it's just a sweet atmosphere and you forget when they're grown how it was. Have fun...hope you got some sleep? Can wait to see your next post!


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