Sunday, April 12, 2009

The "Gay" Cabalero and his Pink Bandita's

A ride had been scheduled for 2 months! The lunch had been called in, ordered and picked up. The Starbucks had been picked up!!! Then I get the call from...the Cowpoke! (You must say this in a sissy kid of voice)"I just want to let you know that the wind has picked up a bit here at the stables! So I say" Well I am on my way, let's wait, maybe and see, maybe the wind will die down, (Sometimes it does!)
I arrive to the stables and as I drive in, the Cowpoke and Spanky are... just standing there looking at a branch that has been broken off by the wind. I roll down the window and say to them,"You said windy...not FUCKING windy!" ( 25 cents in the cuss jar! ) They apologise as any cowboy would to a cowgirl and off I go to my tack room. Jesse is saddled and waiting (The Bossman will be proud of the cowpoke because he is TRAINABLE!)
But.... I have a secret weapon on the ride this time....I have The Cowpoke's" Bossmam!!! She will always side with me because she is a true cowgirl and knows how it feels to be not as (physically) strong or (financially)stable but she can ride the shit out of any horse any cowboy won't mount!!!!!!!!! So there ...COWBOYS OF THE WORLD!!!!
After a few minutes of "calming down" the Cowpoke comes to me to say..."there are bets going on out there that "THE DESERT ROSE" won't ride in this wind!!!" Well...what a way to make sure that I WILL ride in the "fucking wind"! (25 cents in The cuss jar) This post is becoming so un lady like, not the real me! So this is the weather when I arrived! does look "Fucking" (25 cents in the cuss jar) windy!!!

But Jesse is all saddled and waiting for me...oh so calm, even in one of the most windy days I have ever seen in the desert! And so is Sunny Doc, (For the Bossmamm) even with his hot pink saddle blanket! The Bossman would be so proud of the Cowpoke...he is trainable!!!

Some of you may remember The Bossman and Sunny Doc and a GATE issue!!!

Ok... I must confess...that this ride was going to be entitled " Tough Enough to Ride PINK!" All 3 horses and riders were to be dressed in PINK! But 2 hours later as we tried to drive through the Indian Canyon gate...they CLOSED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit !!!!!!!!!!shit!!!!!!!!!!!shit!!!!!!!!! It was going be a GREAT ride post cause the Cowpoke and his soon to be Bossmamm can sometimes get really wild and crazy!!! They can be at fast run...trying to take off each others bridles. My Pony Cousin nieces were on a ride with the Cowpoke and me playing a very mild version of that game once! And now how would I ever get to introduce them to you with out a ride??? Then because the Cowpoke was the one to come up with the idea for us to all wear pink...I wanted to give HIM top billing!!!

Jesse's baby pink blanket does not show up well...but the Cowpoke's shirt and wild rag sure as horse shit shows up HOT PINK!!

Notice how proud Jesse is to wear PINK! And remember the saddle post???? This is the pink shirt I bought the cowpoke when I told him that there is nothing sexier that a man in a pink shirt!!!!!!!!!! The horses are untacked and put away. What are we going to do now??? I know..."photo opp"!!!

But the wind is soooooo bad now you can't go out without a wild rag over your face. One or 2 of the cowboys suggest that going with out a wild rag could save me the $$$$$ for a mircoderm face polish! FUCK THEM!!!!! I say! NO MONEY TO THE CUSS JAR, THIS IS A FREEBIE! See, STARBUCKS IN HAND???

The "Cowpoke" gathers up his posse! For what....we say???? To drive a stagecoach through the wild west!!!

Oh yes...The "Cowpoke needed his cowgirls to come out and battle the wind with him...he would not do this on his own without his Cowgirl POSSE!!! Of course you all see who needs the "liquid courage"!!!
However when one of his Posse begins to "blow away" he catches her!!!

Oh thank goodness... she may not have survived if the Cowpoke and not been so quick to act! Bet he was a thinkin that... she is the "girly girl" of the posse who just may not have survived if the cowpoke had not saved her!!! But surprise ............. HA HA....SHE IS THE EVIL LONG LEGGED COWGIRL!!!! SHE NEVER NEEDS TO BE SAVED, so the Cowpoke had better watch his ass!!!! Later I think she may just punish him f0r trying to save her and make him dance!!!

Ok... it may take a few pictures before you see... that she really does have him dancing....I will not speak for a moment and yes I was speechless at the time too!!!

Now...only u and I are privileged to see this rehearsal of their up and coming wedding dance and since I am the only one going to be there...for the actual harm done!!!!!! Now the banditta must have a pair of my chinks on, as she does here... to make it real!!!! Think I will loan her this pair!


Too soon the Cowpoke and and his soon to be "Bossmam" have to leave. Even though we had to eat lunch in my tack room with the door closed because of the wind...we had a great time together catching up! I do hope to get a ride with them before I go back to the PNW! We've had 3 rides scheduled...the 1st one was"fired out". They had to evacuate all the horses at their stable because of a wildfire. 2ND ride was postponed of the wind this day and the 3rd was postponed because of the Rosette's birth. And they say that the 3rd time is the charm!!!

After they left...I made lunch for Jesse, Slick and Little Lady and here are some self portraits of me and other things getting blown away!
Look at the sand in the air and the tarp over the hay! Also the chair is blown over.

I could not take off the wild rag or my glasses...the sand was terrible!!!
The round pen was a dust bowl!
As I was taking this picture a huge gust came up and literally bout blew me over. I staggered a bit and since I only had one "lemonade" it was definitely...the wind!!!

When I got home this is what I found in my beautiful back yard.

And this was inside...all over. my loving husband did not realize it was so windy until it was too late!!!

Sorry you all did not get to ride with us...maybe the 4Th time is the charm!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. DAMN! That IS windy! But it looks like y'all had some fun anyway. And I agree about men being sexy in pink.

  2. You can really see the wind in the trees of those photos! I remember the day we wanted to ride and the wind picked up out there. Looks like you made a fun day of it with the "Pokey" friends, anyway! ;)

  3. Goodness!! And I thought snow was bad -- the sand blowing around looks much worse. But it also looks like you all made the best of it, and that is what counts! I hope the 4th time is the charm -- will you be wearing the pink again? Too cute on the guys......and yes, the females of our species are the SUPERIOR horse people!!!

  4. Wow, you guys really got nailed! Good thing there were no fires down there. I love the pink bandanas, very chic for a bunch of cowpokes.

  5. Looks like alot of fun had by all considering the wind! When we were down there last year we had a day of wind and couldn't go on our ride.
    And look at your beautiful yard! The wind sure tore it up!

  6. Wow! What a story teller you are! Good to see pictures of the "Cowpoke and his Cowgirl!" You really captured the wind in your photo's!

  7. All those flower petals strewn about kind of look a little bit where are the candles.....blown out by the wind? lol!

    I know about that desert wind, too. It's why we cowgirls must protect our skin and faces fiercly. That stuff ages tender skin like crazy.

    I was humming Cotton Eyed Joe watching those two nuts dancing, ya know. So funny!

    And you all look so pretty in pink, even windblown and all.


  8. Bossmam/Evil Longlegged Cowgirl/Pink BanditaApril 13, 2009 at 10:24 AM

    Oh, that was quite a day. It was really a bummer the canyons closed. This post would have really been wild and crazy if we'd actually gotten to hit the trail! And do I really get to borrow the Desert Bride Chinks???

  9. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures, so entertaining. What fun you have!

  10. Too bad about the fun, but I know you guys had fun!

  11. Bossmam...Yes can borrow the Desert Bride chinks. And the Cowpoke may like it...they are VIRGEN! Never been worn on a ride. It would be a blessing for ME for you to wesr them! If I don't see you before I leave May 15th...I will leave them with the Cowpoke...if he won;t peek! or bring them down when I come down. But you will want to make sure they fit( they should) and figure out how and WHEN to wear them!!!

  12. Desert Rose, yes, I was thinking about that last night. When would I wear them? They would look fabulous with the blue squared toed cowboy boots I am wearing that day! I definitely couldn't hide them under my dress, its not poofy enough! We shall both think on this one...

  13. I can see the desert rose neglected to post some, shall we say, riske, pictures of her and the bossmamm! I won't divulge the content of these pictures for now -- they will make excellent blackmail later. Wait till I show the Grandkids!!!

  14. Anonymous... come out from your pink wild rag and show your face!!! If I had that riske picture on MY camera, you can bet your sweet ass I would have posted it!!! Maybe you are afraid to admit that I was the only one that got a KISS that day!!!


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