Saturday, April 4, 2009

The "Tripletes"!

Some names may be changed for the protection of the innocent!!! ( Wille Mae Jane alias WMJ aka The Rosette!)

This week when the Rosettte was born 3 weeks early, some of us were still not ready for her arrival. Her brothers Toby Jack and Jedidiah Pike were still hoping that the Rosebud was going to have a baby elephant, not a baby sister. Now in their defense...they had been going to the Zoo quite regularly this last summer where a baby elephant was born. When you are 1 and 2 years old it is only fair that you get the baby of your choice. Their's was, a baby elephant!

In preparation for the homecoming of the "Rosette" Zsa Zsa bought them both girl baby dolls with strollers, baby toys, receiving blankets, diapers, and clothing for premature babies that "almost" fit their babies. Here are the pictures of what the boys came home to after "school" at Zsa Zsa's house!

What you see is 2 new baby strollers, 2 new baby's, lots of toys for the new babies and 3 changes of clothes for them....and new diapers in case of a "pee pee"! We crept into Zsa Zsa's house saying shhhhhh! The boys did not know why they were being quiet but gladly played along. Then they saw the babies!!!

They did not EVEN take off their coats before they began taking care of their babies!

Eventually Zsa Zsa got the coats off and then...let the games begin!!!

Toby knows to cover your baby if you go to the PARK! Jed decides Toby is right!

Off to the park and maybe the ZOO!

When I talked to the Boys about naming their babies I suggested...Mille and Tille so there would be triplets!!! ( twins just would not do!) But alas...both boys named both their babies Wille Mae and nothing Zsa Zsa said would say could change their minds!

Two big brothers play with their new sister!!!

OH OH, Jed's baby has a poo poo!

Toby's baby needs a change of clothes cause "she got too dirty"!

Jed learns 1st hand about the importance of the safety belt!!!

Jed feeds his hungry baby!


Jed's baby gets "naked" for her bath! ( she is fully machine kidding!!!)

Time for Papa and Zsa Zsa's "pre" bed time to watch "Ary and the Endersons!" ( spelled the way Toby pronounces it)What a happy "big brother"!

Another happy "big brother"!

Double happy big brother!!!

Is this going to be a GREAT big brother or what???

A VERY tired Zsa Zsa and Toby snuggle with "baby Wille Mae"!

1/3 into the movie..."the Wille Mae" babies were forgotten!

And then went night night in the "kitty bed"!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Ha ha, I was laughing so hard. Those are really cute, and I'm glad they got into the dolls! You should have taken a video!
    And what are they watching? Harry and The Hendersons? A cartoon or a movie?

  2. This is just to cute! Great idea. Now they will know how to help mommie change and feed Willie Mae!

  3. Cutest little guys with their babies!

  4. That was fun to see! What a wonderful idea too!

  5. Oh Auntie, they are so cute! I wanted to get the Man Cub a toy stroller but somehow didn't feel right about giving him a pink one, which is stupid, why can't they make blue ones for boys! The poor child ended up with a shopping cart instead, which got broken months ago and thrown into the trash. If he had been a girl, it would still be intact I bet. Maybe that's why they don't make them for boys, they aren't indestructable enough. And I bet you are EXHAUSTED! I feel your pain.

  6. I so have grandbaby envy. All I have are the Ugsley Pugsleys and a Chihuahua!

  7. Mommy is going to be so proud of how her little boys take care of their little sister!

  8. That was a hoot!!! Love the oops, learned about the need for seat belts, as poor baby goes tumblin' to the ground!

    Jan ;)

  9. Pony Girl: Harry and the Henderson's movie! I got Toby addicted to it last summer and that is all he wanted Santa to bring him this year for Xmas! And yes...I am very tired!

  10. Awwww, they are the cutest taking care of their babies.
    I remember when my sons were 5 and their sister was born. They were so protective of her. When people wanted to touch their sister they would stand in between them and their baby sister and say, "Have you washed your hands yet?" lol!

    Another benefit of those baby dolls and showing them their 'feminine' side is that they will make wonderful Daddies one day, too :)

    What a good Zsa Zsa you are!

    (How did kitty feel about the twins being in her bed? hehe)


  11. Not only will these 2 sweeties make good brothers, but they will be awesome daddies one day! Smart Zsa Zsa. After all this baby work, Zsa Zsa will need to retire to the desert for a well-deserved rest and some cowgirl lemonade.

  12. Oh my goodness! How cute! They are naturals!! It is great to see how these children are so caring.....How wonderful for your family!

  13. Well, you have been so busy being an awesome Zsa Zsa haven't you!! This beats any book you can buy to prepare siblings for a new arrival! Nice way to make them well rounded little buckaroos! Fun post! They're just adorable and so precious to you I'll bet.

    P.S. Could you send your address so that I can send your pendant to you this week? I used the my gmail but it came back for some reason?


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