Friday, April 24, 2009


So... one day while I was at target I saw these very cute little cat nip toys! Now in the past I have bought many toys for our cats, Oliver and Suzy Q but nothing has ever striked their fancy as this!!! In fact, I had not even unloaded the bags from target before Suzy Q ripped into them!

I was unloading personal grooming items from a bag... when WHAM...Suzie Q attacked the bag on the floor!

It happened so fast...that I really did not understand what was up with her!!!

Then...I guessed why she was a maniac~ Mom had bought a couple of CATNIP toys and they were still in the bags... she just could not wait for me to unload "her bags of toys"!

Suzy rips open her present!!!

It's hard to see, but she has a bee and a chipmunk!

The bee is in her paws and he proves to bee her favorite even now!
Oliver does not seem to be impressed with either is beneath his dignity!

Suzy Q has performance anxiety!!!

Oliver decides the Bee is quite a nice guy after all...Mom!

Mom also bought us these stupid sunhats!

Pleases take these hats off us!!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Funny she smelled them in the bags! What a good little hunter! Did she get a little buzzed from the catnip? ;)

  2. Don't you have a Grandchild there to dress up?
    Jax always seems to smell bones when we bring them home. He shoves his snout into the grocery bags while you are trying to pack them in, and the Foo Foo know the drill.

  3. Suzy is so funny! Mine are the same way, they are so nosy and just know you brought something home for them, I mean, why wouldn't you right?

  4. I love watching cats play with catnip toys. Very entertaining! Your kitties are very cute!

  5. isn't that funny how they liked these toys.. and not the previous ones.. cats, fickle critters!

    Have a great weekend..
    Happy VGNO, anyway!


  6. How funny! Mine like catnip too but always destroy the toy within a few days! Are they wearing the hats!

  7. I popped over from Jane's...I love catnip kitties high and wild with delight!

  8. I LOVE cats!! Yours are just so beautiful......funny, but our cats never got into the catnip treats. They are wierd like that.


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!