Monday, April 6, 2009

"Family Reunion"

As you know...there is a new "cowgirl" in town! However her outlaw brothers have been staying with Zsa Zsa and Papa ( 5 days total) and had not as yet met their new sister, The Rosette, formally know as WMJ! What a reunion it was, as new cousin, the Rosa Jewel, her mom, The Rosa and her daddy were also there to witness the 1st meeting of The Rosette and her brothers.

Toby and Jed bring The Rosette a little welcome pony!

The Rosebud and her herd of wild horses!

Toby gently holds The Rosette.

Jed's turn!!!

The Rosa Jewel, Toby and Papa's "photo opp"!

ZSA Zsa's turn!!!

The family reunion is a success!

The Desert Rose!


  1. Sounds like a great time! WMJ is so adorable! Oh, and so are the boys! Love them all!

  2. How did you get such beauties for grandbabies! I guess it must run in the family. Lucky Mommy to have her 2 cowpokes at home again!!! Send the Mommy my love.

  3. So cute! So MANY! I forget whose who's! It's a good thing you and Papa have lots and lots of love to go around. ;)

  4. It's my turn next! Hear that PG & PG!!!

  5. Hay PG & PG...I think your mom had a "fruedalin" slip ip there by calling you both, PG!!! LOL

  6. I have severe grandbaby envy :-(


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!