Sunday, April 19, 2009

PNW Garden!

When I was in the PNW for the birth of our new Rosette I was able to check on the status of my garden. All of our yard is landscaped, no grass but have some patio. I love the natural look and it has taken 10 years for me to get the garden that was "manicured" and stuffy to be natural and flowing. Walk with me through my spring garden.

We have 2 water features in our yard. The fountain in the fore ground has 3 spouts. It really is pretty but too loud to have on it we have people out for a BBQ. I want to take it out and put in a play area for the grand babies.

See my lonely little Geisha sitting on the edge of the pond in the top right hand corner??? She waits all winter long for the grass to come back and keep her company.

Years ago I had the fountain painted Asian Red because it is the focal point in our yard. Mr. Dragon guards his Bugoda that lights up. The water flows up over the top and down the side of the wall beneath Mr. Dragon. It has a soothing natural flowing water sound.

6 cherry trees line the outer yard. Oh so sadly bare this time of year but by the time I come home they should be ready to blossom. I will post the summer garden as it comes to life. The dropped blossoms do tend to make a big mess for this cowgirl!!!

The left side of our yard is my favorite. The old knotted tree looks like a huge mushroom when it's leave come, wish I could tell you what kind it is. It makes terrific shade for my fern garden just below it. I several varieties of Hosta growing along the rock pathway that leads to a bird bath. The Little Chinaman guards the entry and only lets nature lovers venture past him.

The bamboo in the background looks a bit droopy after the cold snowy winter!

I just adore my moss!!! It makes the yard hard for the Gardener to clean up because I am always careful not to harm the moss!!!

More moss!!!

Some more moss!!!
2 mini blue Douglas firs standing century in front of the waterfall!

View looking from Mr. Chinaman to the waterfall!

I had to get a new trellis a few years ago, the tree just got to big, sorry don't know what kind it is.

Again, I don't know what kind if tree this one is but it looks like it's ready to sprout!

Most of my ceramic pots just have grasses in them.

Looking back towards the house from the rock pathway. We have 3 French doors facing the front yard from our living/dinning room. You can see one of them just behind the tree on the left. Mr. Lion stands guard here!

The walkway to the front door planters will need some fixing up but most survived the winter. The rest of the pictures are of the little signs of spring I found in my winter garden!

Thanks for touring my winter garden...I promise to do some homework and find out the names of the plants and trees that I don't know before the summer garden post!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Thanks for the tour! Can't wait to see it blooming and alive. It looked like a wet day in those pictures. I bet that moss was lovin' it! I do think you need a little horse statue somewhere in that garden.... ;)

  2. Your yard is beautiful! I enjoy sitting out there!

  3. I can't wait to see your garden in the summer! I have only been there in the winter. I am sure it is beautiful in the summer!

  4. How wonderful to have two such beautiful places.

  5. What a wonderful place to spend time in the summer! Would the tree on the trellis be a Wisteria? A nice Zsa Zsa to make it kid friendly and getting rid of the fountain that is noisy....although it's beautiful. I would never leave.....and drink my coffee every morning out there! I'll bet those cherry trees are gorgeous in bloom.....and I too, like moss! You are a very lucky woman to be surrounded by such beauty!

  6. Very beautiful gardens! I love the water features. Can't wait to see pictures of it in the summer.

  7. Such a huge contrast between your desert home and your PNW home. Such a respite from the desert heat and dust, eh?

    I bet it will be so pretty when everything is green, lush and blooming. :)


  8. BEAUTIFUL garden! I can only imagine what it looks like in full bloom! Looks like you have a really nice set-up there -- can you see the garden from the french doors? Love your walkway must have quite the green thumb!


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