Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Red Badge of Courage!

Jesse and I would like to thank all of that you joined up with our posse to go get those bandits that stole my "King Ranch" hitch cover. It's not easy being in the saddle 20 miles a day and you did not even bat an eye when I mentioned the grub you would be getting! In appreciation for your bravery and kindness to help out a cowgirl in distress, Jesse and I would like to award to you:

The Desert Rose Red Badge of Courage!!!

To: (In order of joining up with the posse!)

Paint Girl!

Heart of a Cowgirl!

Blue Eyed Tango!

Dusty Devoe!

Leah Fry!

Jane Augenstein!

Saddle Mountain Rider!

John & Regina Zdranvich! ( although John does pose a problem for the rest of the cowgirls!)

You all give me faith in living "The Old West" in today's world. There was a wrong done... and you would not stand for it as you live and breath! do pose a problem, either you don't go on posse, or Regina has to share you as all the other cowgirls that are giving up a "cowboys arms" to ride with me! REGINA"S CHOICE!!!

Your Desert Rose!

PS The Desert Rose Red Badge of Courage is not an award that gets passed on, you must EARN IT from The Desert Rose or Jesse to proudly post it on your Blog!


  1. Guess this pony girl doesn't have much courage. :( Ah, well, maybe next time.
    Hey, I saw a really cute black screen t-shirt with red roses on it at Target today and thought of you! Would have picked you up one but wasn't sure what size you'd want! I guess I missed my calling as a personal shopper, LOL! xo

  2. Yeah! I'll saddle up and help you out anyday!

  3. Giddy up on over to your email, I left you a message. Great looking award, you're getting very creative Auntie Desert Rose!

  4. Hmmm. I would have joined in, too, but can't yet, Dr's orders. :(

    Oh and I'm embarrased to admit that I'm kind of wimpy. Anthing faster than a trot makes my hands sweat. lol!

    If you ever need my help and don't mind a slow poke, I'm your gal! lol!

    Or else, I've got a big ol' GMC truck with Powermax. I love to ride it off road, so if the bandits are out there, with me behind the wheel they won't have a chance! :D


  5. In my book, thievin' is right up there with droppin' horses.

  6. Well, looks like I am going to have to share him, because he would NEVER miss out on a ride! Especially one with all women! You would all be OK with him being there -- he is pretty easy on the eyes!! It would be fabulous to come and ride all day with you...

  7. Thanks for the award....I knew all that work and riding as a kid would come in handy for a posse some day! Hope those bandits got caught and justice is won!!

  8. Hey, didnt you promise free liquor to the posse? I seem to remember something about liquor, anyway... Do i get to come to your house to collect it? Yee haw!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!