Monday, April 13, 2009

"Pretty Baby!"

I have just returned to the desert from the cold PNW after spending 8 days helping the Rosebud care for her 2 and 3 year old sons while she was in the hospital after the birth of her daughter, The Rosette, 3 1/2 weeks early by c section. Most of my time was spent with the boys...however when The Rosette was one week old she came to stay with us at our house most of the day. The parents took the boys to to celebrate baby Jed's 2nd birthday. Every 2 hours they came back to nurse The Rosette however I had 4 hours to play and snuggle her and take many pictures and a video!
Thank you for indulging a new Zsa Zsa!

This is a picture from her hospital stay but is just too sweet!

The Rosette's 1st night home at Mommy and daddy's house!

Zsa Zsa just keeps KISSING ME!

Relaxing in Zsa Zsa's bed!!!

OK...I swear this looks like a baby picture of The Desert Rose!!!

Zsa Zsa...quit taking so many pictures!

Pretty in Pink!

You have all seen this picture then look at the next one.......

If you have noticed anything "strange" about these last 2 pictures...leave a comment on my Zsa Zsa's blog!!!

There could be a prize...babysitting my brothers would be a nice prize for any of you cowgirls!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. One of the boys baby's is wearing the same sleeper that the Rosette has on! What a beautiful little cowgirl! Can't wait to steal her!!!

  2. My mommy is so smart. She must be related to you?
    The Rosette is SO tiny! She is adorable. I can't wait to see what she looks like as a little person. She is going to be beautiful, that I know! In that last picture, she looks a tad unhappy, though! ;)

  3. So is the doll wearing the baby's clothes or vice versa?

  4. Makes me wish my 20 year old was a baby again.....Kinda.
    She is lovely

  5. That's so funny that she fits in the doll sleeper. Now if she had been a full term baby there's no way that would have fit her, Mommy having such robust little babies and all!She's very sweet, there's just something about a newborn!!!

  6. She is so beautiful! It's nice that all the babies can wear the same clothes! It will save you some money!

  7. Awe, how precious she is! Yep, premie jammies from little bros doll, good thing Zsa Zsa bought those...getting some mileage out of them. Better hope the little guys don't try to snatch hers off and put of their dolls! LOL! the little bow. The last photo just looks like one of those cute little stretches when they stick their bum out and curl up....adorable!

  8. She is the cutest thing! Since Dusty Devoe already guessed I won't have too, my answer was the same, wearing doll clothes!

  9. It's triplets!! lol! Now to just dress all three alike. :)

    Is she the cutest, sweetest, most precious little muffin ever? Mmm....I bet she has that amazing new baby smell, too.

    Congrats to Zsa Zsa!



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