Thursday, April 16, 2009

The "Grand Rose Rides!"

During her spring vacation the Grand Rose (and her older and younger brothers) came to stay with Papa and Zsa Zsa for 4 days. That sounds like a long time...but it isn't. We never have the time to do all the thingss we want to do! We were able to get in a good ride, the Grand Rose loves to canter and she got to see some great desert views.

On the desert floor before the climb up the hill. Jesse and Little Lady were thrilled to be allowed to graze on the very rare desert grass for the Grand Rose photo opp!

On the trail sightseeing! One of them had better watch the trail...don't cha think???

Jesse must have been longing for the grass meadow in the distance!

More photo opp/grazing time!

Now we are at the best photo spot in the canyon! Jesse knows that he is required to stand at the presise place and look his best! It does not matter how good you look in the photo if your horse has his ears back, his eyes closed, his head turned or down, and the worst his mouth open with his tonue hanging out!!!

Jesse sure knows how to do his JOB!!!

Oh Oh...looks like Little Lady needs a photo opp training lesson!

Hay Little Lady...Auntie Rose needs you to pose pretty!!!

Little Lady thinks that I did not see her sticking her tongue out at me...but I did!!!

So now that we have an acceptable pose... the training session is over. Look at her feet...she did not move them because while turning her head I closed the gate for her to go forward. She is a pretty smart girl and I hope she and I will both learn during our summer together. I believe I have seen her worst and because she listens to me when I cue her, I hope she will grow out of some of her angst of dark places. That is really the only issue I have had with her. I am not counting the little crowhop bucks I get from time to time cause they are only when we lope and are not in the front. All young horse's seem to have that issue, you just gotta work with them to get them out of it. Jesse didn't buck...instead he thought it was a race and would try to pass the lead horse.

Of course that can be frightening for the rider to all of a sudden be in a fast run. Which do you think is worse, crowhopping or racing???

A spring desert bloom for you to enjoy!

Happy Trails,

The Desert Rose!


  1. I think you must be playing with your rose template, I see everything is all cock-eyed! (I had to scroll down to find the post!) Paint Girl had this happen once.
    Say, Little Lady looks beautiful in those pictures. Almost Arab or Morgan. Isn't she QH/Walker?
    Glad you had fun w/the Grandrose. She is becoming quite the rider!

  2. Yes...I have $%^@3 up my blog by tring to help Bronco Besty with hers!!! Have no Idea how to fix this problem!
    The Grand Rose has ceratinly grown up. Little Lady is TW,with an 1/8 Morgan!

  3. Love the new background! The Grandrose is a beauty and looks great on Jessie. You don't look to bad yourself on Little Lady!!!

  4. You need some assistance from that tech savvy Pony Girl!
    The Grand Rose looks like she was having so much fun! It is so beautiful there, I am missing it so much!

  5. I missed this post yesterday! I still cannot get over all the beauty....scenery, riders and of course horses! Looks like a good day....but any day in the saddle is a good day right!? Farrier was here yesterday so we were busy with six horses.....has turned into an all day affair plus I gave my girl a bath....only with cold water this time and she hated it....our pipe froze this winter from the outside nozzle from the house on our back porch that goes to our wash station.....that's how blasted cold it got this year! Wonderful post as always!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!