Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again!

Being a lucky cowgirl that is fortunate enough to be a "snowbird" and escape the worst winter in the PNW in 40 years is such a blessing in my life especially when my 12 Pony Cousin's were all snowed in for 7 days and then flooded out for another 7 days! We live a life in paradise down here in the desert and I have just about everything I need in my life...except that The Boy has been missing in action!
The Boy and I met each at my former desert stables 9 years ago... when he was just a Boy! It was our 2nd season as "snowbirds" and the 1st year we had taken "George" ( 1st horse soul mate) to the desert with us. As a "newbee" to the stables I did not know very many people and most like barns, everyone already had a riding buddy...or 2 and other than a hello, no one really thought to show the new girl the ropes around the place. About 6 weeks into the season I notice this Boy leading a bay Arab around the stables. He had a friend with him and was showing off his "new horse"! Well one thing led to another and the "newbee's" became friends and started riding together. We both had "issues" with our 4 legged friends and leaned on each other for advice and even babysitting each other's horse's when one of us was traveling! "Our Boys" became as good of friends as we did and we shared many happy trails together. Both of us have since lost "Our Boys" but now both have great horses in our lives...well he has a mule! The Boy and I have remained great friends even though he moved out of state for a few years. We were lucky enough to see each other once or twice a year and now he has become a "snowbird" too!
This season The Boy only had a few rides before he was scheduled for double hernia surgery! The Bossman and I planned a great 3 hour ride to welcome him back in the saddle and The Bossman made sure to have plenty of fresh OJ on hand! Here are the ride photo's featuring The Boy!

The Desert Rose and Cowboy Soul Mate, The Boy!

The Doc ( The Boy's partner in crime and love) The Boy and The Bossman! The trailer tack room became the BAR! My mimosa is on the step!

The Boy and Sweet Pea! ( one of the 2 mulettes)

The Boy and Sweet Pea get ready for Lunch...yes, BLT's!

Next years Christmas card photo! The Doc and The Boy!

The Boy and Sweet Pea at The Old Watering Hole!

Great to have to you...BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!

The Desert Rose!

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