Saturday, January 17, 2009


In my own defense I will say up front that I do not believe I should have to make a deposit into the "cuss jar" for useing the words horse shit. Let's face it... all cowgirls know that shit happens especially from your horse!

Today my"ride time" was given up for Jesse time. I admit that I have been sooooo into riding since we've been in the desert, getting the tack room back in order and traveling for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays that Jesse has not been getting his fair share of my attention. And on Tuesday morning when I went to get Little Lady for my ride Jesse heard me coming and as he always does...he started his nickers and whinny's. I gave him a hug as he moved to the stall door to wait for me to halter and lead him out. Only I took his halter and walk towards Little Lady. As I walked away I turned back to see him and he turned his hind end towards me and looked back at me! I got his message loud and clear!

When I get to his stall today he seems to have forgiven me.The happy guy that he is, is greeting me.

I halter him and off we go to the arena for some plain old horse time. I am very lucky that he never trys to bolt away from me when I unhalter him in the arena. He simply walks away and begins the business of just being a horse. 1st up...the roll! Now he is sooooo fast at this that I barely got a shot off. He went completely over 2x and then just layed there gently moving his backside. As he began to rise I got this picture.

2nd up is the BIG SHAKE! No... not another earthquake.

Now that Jesse has finished his personal needs he will soon be off to his favorite pastime. And I am embarrassed to say that he will now circle the arena several times...stopping to sniff all the poop he can find, each pile several times while making his rounds!

I can't believe I kiss that muzzle...over and over and over!

He sees me reach for the halter on the fence and is NOT ready to get out of the arena and now does bolt so fast that again I can't get the shot. But the ones I got are a glimpse of how fast he was going and how bad I am with my new camera!

Sliding stop to a roll back???

The picture is blurry...but it is a classic Jesse pose! You can see how dirty he is. 45 minutes of grooming and a clean blanket before he's back in his stall for his dinner. Apples, carrots, raisins, frosted shredded wheat, oat cookies mixed with his feed!

We both feel better now!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. He's still a very handsome poop sniffing boy, despite the dirt! ;) Wish I had a meal like that for my breakfast!
    Say, what kind of camera did you get?

  2. LOVE the last picture of your Jesse

  3. HA! I have pics like those, with Gigondas! She moves SO FAST that sometimes I don't get all of her. I just did a "bloopers" post a few days ago!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!