Sunday, January 25, 2009

For Pony Girl!

This is for my niece Pony Girl who is "cowgirlthefuckup" ( 25cents in the cuss jar!) crazy about Lonesome Dove and Capt' Gus! I bought this sign for my husband who introduced me to Lonesome Dove 18 years ago. It hangs in our new family room in the PNW! Enjoy Pony Girl!

The Desert Rose!


  1. Very cool, of course I love it! Where did you find it? Are you back in the desert?

  2. Yes!!! Praise be to the "cowgirlgoddess in the sky"!
    Your Desert Rose Auntie

  3. I would not invite her your home. It might be gone when she leaves!

  4. I can't wait to see it next time I visit!

    Capt. Gus McCrae

    PS: Under the title "Cowboys with class!", you've spelled my name wrong... too much Lemonade? LOL

  5. To Anonymous!
    I see you are very brave to hang out and just "lurk"! Why not "cowboythefuckup"(25 cents to the cuss jar!) and come out of the "closet"...or are you a wanted "outlaw"???

  6. Okay DR, you "Call"ed me out. I'm just a Gus McCrae wannabe...

    Please accept my apology for correcting your spelling on your blog, I couldn't find an email to do it quietly. I asked a blogger friend and they said "lurking" under an assumed name wasn't cool. oops :(

    I'm just an amateur when it comes to horses and wanted to read some horse blogs to learn. And so I followed links and ended up at your blog and find it very interesting and funny.

    Keep up the good work and I owe you 25 cents for causing you to add to the cuss jar.

    Mike Bialas aka Capt. Gus McCrae
    Jack County Gourmet Garlic
    Circle P Farm and Ranch
    Jacksboro, TX

  7. That's ok Gus...I thought you were one of the smarty pants BUCKAROO'S playing around which is why I called you out! Feel free stop back by we do some GREAT, long trail rdies down here in the desert! Always looking for a NEW TRAIL TO BLAZE!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!