Friday, January 30, 2009


This past weekend I was invited by The Bossman to be his guest for a private event held at our stables. This event is a yearly reunion of people who have gone together on world wide ride trips. Some of the rides have been to Porto Rico, Mexico and Argentina. Starting Friday night was a cocktail party where the group recalls their wonderful experiences together, Saturday is a ride with lunch at the Indian Golf Club, entertainment at the stables, dinner at the Ranch and a Sunday Brunch! Although I was invited to attend several events I was only able to go on the ride and the lunch.
As usual The Bossman has Jesse ready for me when I arrive and I did not have to stop for lunches or then pack every ones chips, cookies, ect., nor did I have to pack saddle bags! I had so much extra time...what is a cowgirl to do but DRINK!

Because The Bossman did not have to hook up a trailer (we ride from the stables today) he had time to set up bar in my tack room! Now my tack room is the envy of all my Pony Cousin's and one day soon I will give you all a tour! But back to my story. The ride was suppose to start at 9am, however as The Bossman was the bartender for the Friday night cocktail party there were a few people still trying to get their hats on their big headache noggin. The Bossman has been known to pick one or 2 unsuspecting souls to get schnockered at these kinds of events, I think he even makes bets on whether or not he can get someone to fall off their horse! Notice anything different in the picture of us??? I am wearing a HAT! I have several great hats but I get so hot when I wear them that I usually just wear visors. GREAT VISORS, of course! Also...notice the red and black boots??? Yes they are a pair of DRESS boots and do not usually get to go the stables. Black stingray toes and heals with red tooled uppers. I found them in New York city last summer and they were such a good price...I had to get them! And wearing the "Desert Rose" red chinks was a really good idea because as we headed out of the stables there was a bartender shoving a plastic glass with a "BLOODY MARY" in my hand! I alerted Jesse that he should not spill my drink, and as my Pony Cousin K says..."that's a good way to get your but hauled off to the auction"! But Jesse was so excited to leave the stables with 60 riders that he forgot himself somewhere along the trail and broke into a little trot without asking mom. Of course the "Bloody Mary" spilled on my red chinks! This is why "LEMONADE is my drink and ride choice!

Now rather than spend time telling about the 3 hour ride that was uneventful and a ride you have all been on with us before, I will skip ahead to the entertainment part. The Bossman and I did not do the whole ride with the group but went back to the stables to hook up with his grandson who was going to get a big treat! A Stage Coach ride!

Waiting for Tristan to come for his surprise ride!

Tristan and his dad are ready to rock and roll!

Jesse and Little Lady are ready to out ride with the stage coach in case of a "hold up" or "Indian attack"! As you can see...they are both not too sure of this bright red monster but neither one did anything naughty. Jesse of course had to go up to it and sniff it...lick it and touch it all over with his nose. Ready to hit the trail with us???

Here we go...hold on to your hat!

Now...the stage coach drove down the rode from the stables and then made a u turn to head back. Jesse and Little Lady had to trot on the pavement to keep up. They both took their job as protectors very seriously and Jesse did not want to get to far away form the stage coach...he is so funny about new things. Once he has bonded with the "new thing" he wants to be with it and will "look" for it if it is taken away and keep going back to where it was to see if he can find it.

The stage coach is coming round the mountain!

Heading back to the stables! Out of focus becuse of the trotting!

I could not pick between these 2 shots...I am rather proud of them even though when I had The Bossman get Little Lady in the right spot I was not sure how they would come out.

The Bossman and I trade mounts so that Tristan can ride with his "DA". Jesse and Slick are both on the "mommy approved list" to ride, Lady will be on the list real soon!

The Bossman and his "mini me"!

Riding off into the sunset...just 2 boys and my horse!

Now...there was one more event that day that I will share with you soon, but will leave you with a picture of the truck that the stage coach travels in style to events!

Look at this big 18 that takes some horse power to move down the road!

Have you ever ridden in a stage coach, buggy, or covered wagon???

Happy Trails!

The Desert Rose!


  1. I love the picture of Bossman and his mini-me on Jesse!
    That is quite the rig hauling that coach and crew! I have never been in a stagecoach. That red one is beautiful! Maybe at my wedding? ;)

  2. Oh Yes Pony Girl, at your wedding! Are you keeping secrets from your mommy!?! What great pictures.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!