Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Rose Bling Parade!

The Desert Rose's last blog featured my PNW granddaughter the GRAND Rose! For our ride we carefully selected our "Cowgirl outfits'. As you all know, Cowgirl outfits require a certain amount of "Cowgirl Bling" and the Desert Rose lives for BLING!

The Desert Rose and The GRAND Rose will model Cowgirl Bling for you now!

First we start with the Cowgirl boot, well heeled, spured if you feel the need! Some will be tooled, some inlayed but always dusty!

The Desert Gold Dust

The Desert Rose

Yes... I have Names for all 8 pair of my chinks

Chinks protect from the cold & the thorns that hide in the desert brush and the PNW blackberries. Golden Elk on their maiden ride and the faded reds from yesteryear! (2006)

Notice the tooled, yellow, hair on hide, fringed cowgirl belt pouch??? The Desert Rose never rides with out one. Some have a pouch on each side of the belt, some have zippers to hide treasures. Great for carrying, chapstick, cell phones and anything a cowgirl may need on the trail.

The Cowgirl neck Bling sometimes can be real jewels, see the diamond horse shoe? Or the Desert Rose designer bling, a birthday gift to The Desert Rose from Jesse. Then can wear a cow skull adorned with a rose and hopefully smell like one too! Aonther great way to cover up fron the cold and wind is a wild rag. The wild rag comes in extremely handy when the desert wind blows in a surprise attack!

The Desert Rose and The GRAND Rose have selected cowgirl shirts to compliment the chinks! Notice black, vintage cowgirl belt and the red cowgirl bling blet with large silver buckle???

And Wa La! You have the best dressed desert riders of the day! Now... you ask where o where did The GRAND Rose get all her Cowgirl Bling??? She went shopping in the Desert Rose's closet!

The Desert has been called a "clothes horse" but if you saw the closet(s) you would say I am a clothes hore! Not to long ago...I was at a PNW playday. While in the restroom a lady in there said "wow, you are really dressed up". I said yes's fun to do. She then said..."well...I just ride PNW style" and though I wanted to say....yes I can see that by your purple hoodie sweatshirt, kelly green trutleneck beneath, red wool socks hanging over your boots and the orange baseball cap....that you do, I simlpy said...I can see that!

The Desert Rose!


  1. Oh yeah, a cowgirl must look good! Even when riding the trails and roping steers...
    You both look great!

  2. We love all your cowgirl clothes! We love shopping in your closet for those wonderful cowgirl clothes!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!