Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Ride!

Do you remember your first ride on a horse??? Some of us can remember the very first moment we were mounted up, others have heard stories of our first "horsey" ride. The lucky ones will get to see pictures chronicling their rides on "Equs" as they grow up and learn of the wonderful experience of being with horses. Were you 5..15...35...50??? Whatever your age when you were treated to your 1st ride...I bet you remember it!

Maybe you were only 5 months old and you only got to "pretend" you were riding your horsey in your crib at Zsa Zsa's. You had your little pony mobile over your head, your cowhide crib bumper pads at your head and the retro "cowboy" bumper pads all around you! You didn't your little dreams you were riding the broncs and "little cowboying up!"

But maybe your 1st memory was actually in the saddle! Oh how you laughed as your horsey galloped away from mommy!

But maybe the next Time you was a real horsey~!
Yes...Zsa Zsa was there but only cause SHE needed to ride with you!
And even though Zsa Zsa did not want went FASTER!
And even with that SILLY hat you had to felt you were flying!

Zsa Zsa...I can do this by self!!!

But sometimes you want to "cowboy up" and where is Jesse when you need him????

A shopping cart somehow does not fit my image!

Ok....MOMMY! This is NOT want I meant when I said I want to ride horseys!

Zsa Zsa...I expected more from you!!!

Well...maybe it's not as fun as I remembered!!!!

Whatever your memories are of your 1st ride...we wish you many Happy Trails!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I don't remember my first ride on a real horse. I have a picture on a pony at the fair, that is it. After that, I remember trying to get a "ride" on a horse whenever I could! In fact, I don't even know why I liked horses so much. There were some in the extended family, but not in the immediate family and none even nearby where I grew up. Maybe my mom remembers where the horse bug came from? :)

  2. I don't remember my first ride either. All I know Pony Girl is that you and Paint Girl were always horse crazy-not boy crazy!

  3. My first "ride" on a horse was when I was 6 months old, and we have the pictures. I remember I started steering on my own when I was about 4, and we couldn't let Baby near a stump we had in our back yard because she would get high centered on it and rub until her belly was raw! And then we couldn't ride for weeks until it heeled! This is back when we rode in our back yard, and didn't have to worry about Babe eating grass the whole time because she didn't have any teeth!

  4. I think I only wanted to ride because of my big sis. I remember loving horses as well as all animals. I remember being so excited when our neighbor said she'd teach us and give us lessons. And I remember getting BJ, that cute lil black Shetland Pony. That is when I wanted my own.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!