Thursday, January 8, 2009


All of us living on the west coast have one big fear... way at the of back our minds. Even when we think it is so far back we have forgotten it, we see a headline while standing in line at the supermarket! "California to fall of the North American Continent!". Or "10 magnitude earthquake predicted for California!" and of course my biggest fear,"Monster Seahorse swallows up California!"

Our winter home as "snowbirds" is in the California desert along the San Andreas Fault. This fault runs along the mountains on each side of our home. If you are up on a high point in the valley and look at the mountains you can actually see the darker shadow of the fault along the middle of the mountains. I see evidence of this all the time on our rides.

As the 2 shelves's of the earth move against each other far below the surface, up here we feel the movement, hear the rumble and see the evidence of rocks falling down the cliffs or...your bar glasses falling off the shelf above your bar!

Most of the time these small quakes are hardly noticed by anyone except the very sensitive earthquake monitors that register each and everyone of them for the scientists that study and track them. I do have a great sense of movement...and notice them when people with me do not. I think my Sissy's were here once for a small one, we were laying out at the pool and we felt a sway for a few seconds. I think I had to point out to them what had just happened. So imagine my surprise last night while I was downloading pictures for a new blog and I felt the vibration. Then heard the rumble. Then saw 2 lamps wobbling. It was about 30 seconds from the first vibration to the end. My husband and I disagreed to the size of it...but I believe I was closer to the mark...!

On January 8Th 2009 at 7:49pm a 4.5 magnitude earth quake hit 2 miles SSW of San Bernardino, CA. We are about 50 (give or take) miles east of that! And we defiantly felt it! So...for all you west coast cowgirls out there I expect your help in looking out for the "Monster Seahorse" that may one day swallow us all up!

The Desert Rose!

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  1. Yikes!! There's been a whole lotta shakin' going on! It's been a while since we've had a quake. I am scared for the big one!
    I think there were some earth shakes going on when I was visiting last February...but I'm pretty sure those lemonades were at the root of the motion! ;)


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