Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saddle Bags!

Well...I could say that this blog is about the "saddle bags" that many of us carry around and are actively adding to our "cuss jar" savings to remedy the situation. However...this blog is about Jesse's saddle bags that he will have to carry on today's ride with The Bossman! It will be 2 1/2 hours up and 2 hours down back down...part of it the same "snow ride" trail you shared with us a few weeks back. So rather then bore you all with more photo's and stories of the "same old ride" this blog will be about Jesse's saddle bags! These are the saddle bags Jesse is required to carry on any ride "over" 2 hours long. Jesse has smaller bags for 2 hours and under but the items needed for today's ride..."just in case" are too many too fit in the small bags so these are the only option!

These brown canvas bags with large pocket bags that secure over the cantle with leather trim on the front. I have had the "Leatherman" Add additional clasps to hook on to the rings on my saddle. The side straps connect around my back cinch for stability and then the ties on the d rings are tied through the holes and around the bags for added security.

The medicine bag lays on top of the saddle bags and hooks to the d rings and is then tied with the same ties to the saddle bags. Now...this is the small medicine bag. I have the same one in a larger size to add the emergency overnight gear should we get stuck in the middle of nowhere but only use that larger bag when riding way up in the mountain areas.

The horn bags I choose for each ride depends on the following. Who I am riding with, where we are riding to, and the temperature. I am a horn bag princess! I have more horn bags than anyone I know! The brown canvas with the desert stables logo were a gift from Spanky. They are great to keep trail snacks, gloves when I take them off and any other items I need to keep handy. The leather, hair on hide fits over the top of the canvas for water and LEMONADE! This is my new bag from "Cowboy Christmas" that I seem to pick now over my others.

All together these bags are too heavy for me to carry in one load to the truck for the days ride. I do feel sorry for Jesse during the hot season when he has to carry extra water. But he is in luck now that most of our snow from our "snow day ride" has melted and most of our streams in our backyard have enough water for the horses to get a good clean drink!

Little Lady and Jesse all loaded up on the ride. This is our lunch stop and they were lucky to have this nice shady area. Both were tied to trees and could get a few bites of the munchies below or above. They are looking at us over on our picnic table rock waiting very patiently for their lunch they both know The Desert Rose has packed for them in Jesse's saddle bags!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Great bags....I've seen most of that collection. Although not the new one- very nice! :) I don't have as many saddle bags but don't do as many long rides, but I sure like to load everything up that I might possibly need. That must be why I like big purses, too, LOL!

  2. Pony Girl...I have been in the bussiness of collecting saddle bags a bit longer than you...17 years now. I bet 15 years from and your boy will have more than we do!
    Your Desert Rose Aunite!

  3. Love the last picture of Jesse and Little Lady!

  4. love all the pictures. Looks like Arizona country! :) I'll make sure to check back and check out your pics and stories. Thanks for sharing. Love the saddle bags

  5. I LOVE the saddle bags pics! Great idea!


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!