Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back Yard Beauty's!

On this beautiful sunny, warm desert day my loving husband and I sit poolside as Toby Jack splashes away! What a blessing to be here in such a nurturing paradise. I will post the beauty of our back yard one picture at a time!

Toby Jack in the pool!


This tree has Lemons and Oranges!

Jasmine Bush! The smell is devine somtime around March!!!

Soon after we got our house in the desert we "re-modeled the back yard and put in the Bugonvilla all around the walled back yard. It took a few years to fill in and bloom but when we are here it is georgeous!

New outdoor living furniture...we hope to use the "backyard" more often!

See the BBQ in the background...only my "loving husband" knows how to use it! (Hee Hee!)

"Old Man Oliver"!

"Cutie Pie Suzy Q...lounges on the pattio ottoman!

The beauty of my backyard!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Wow, that looks so NICE and WARM!!! it's still cold here in Ohio, we had another power outage last night and today. Horrible wind and rain last night, trees down everywhere. Power back on for a couple of hours this morning then off again. Finally at 4:30 it came back on.
    Can I come and visit you until it's spring here??? LOL
    She Who Rides With Redcoat

  2. I love the new patio furniture! Too bad I can't try it out this year!
    Looks like Toby had fun in the water!

  3. I love the new patio furniture, too. Glad to see the Bouganvilla (I know I butchered the spelling on that one! :) bloomed this year! I love the smell of the jasmine, it was one of my memories from my first visit!!
    Toby Jack is so cute in the pool (stylin' shades!)

  4. The pictures of your backyard brightened my day! Can you believe they are predicting snow in PDX...again? The new patio furniture looks very inviting and cozy.

  5. I'm dreamin' I'm lounging on your new furniture drinking a margarita in the nude!!!

  6. I love the new patio furniture! The yard looks beautiful as usual. We know how Dusty Devoe likes to swim in the nude! Love sissy!

  7. Mmmm! What a lovely backyard...and beautiful Suzie Q and Oliver, too.

    That pool looks so refreshing. Do you swim in it often?

    Thanks for the tour.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!