Monday, February 2, 2009


This is the 2nd half of the STAGE COACH post...Enjoy!

The 2nd part of the entertainment was the mini pony carts! They were soooo cute! Here they are waiting for showtime!

There were 6 mini pony carts in the show. The arena had been freshly dragged so the track was smooth and clear. Here come the pony's!

They did a great drill team routine that would be hard for horse and rider let alone cart and pony!

The crowd watches the ponies!

Did you notice anything...funny???

The white and black ponies are MINI MULES! FULL BROTHERS! Can you believe it???

The Desert Rose gets a cart ride!

Tristan gets to drive the cart!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I never knew there were mini-mules!? CUTE!
    Looks like you are getting really good at taking pictures! :)

  2. FUN! Too bad Toby Jack couldn't attend.

  3. I guess if they have mini horses and mini donks, they could have mini mules. Guess I never really thought about it before though. LOL


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!