Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Needs Boots Anyway!

So lately...I've been hearing a lot about boots! COWGIRL BOOTS! Where to get them, how much, how many you all own...but what about your "other shoes"??? Do you wear other shoes? Silly question! There some times that even my dress boots just won't do. What is a COWGIRL TO DO THEN??

So let's start with your basic mules! These work with jeans,and black or white pants for lunch or dinner out!

Sometimes a COWGIRL must upgrade her "mulettte's" to something with a bit more bling!Other times she must dress down... or go "native"!

But may have to dress that up a bit too!

These "native" shoes can get you through almost anything~~~ but when they can't try these!!!

Yes...before you's a close up! YES IT"S NEEDLEPOINT! ( YES...IT"S AN ARAB!)

Like what you see????

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! The "Creme de la creme" I'm not a cowgirl!!!! This is just fashion!

Just don't wear them with this bag...don't get me going on bags!!!

But the ultimate is...not only leaving your hoofprint...but your horse's too!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Now you see why I miss your closet, hee hee! ;)
    Some of those I have not seen before....very cool mules w/the horsies on them. You will have to post the boot & bag collection sometime, too!
    And where did you get the flip-flop that leaves a hoofprint!? Cool!

  2. love the shoes!!!! Its so great to here someone enjoying their horse. The old faithfuls are the best. keep up the positive additude. christa Lynn

  3. I love all your horsey shoes! Where do you find all of them? Please tell!

  4. OMG, you are just tooooo funny! The cuss jar is a good one, I must remember that one! LOVE your shoe collection, you lucky cowgirl! I am definitely going to put you on my favorite blogs so I can keep up with your posts; love reading them!!!
    Oh, yes, the pony cousins names, what a hoot! You gals are GREAT!!!!
    Jane (who must think of names for myself...but wondering can you do it if you ride an English horse?...I must confess though, when he is being a bugger I have a synthetic western saddle I ride so I guess he is a Wenglish; meaning one who rides Western or English? LOL)

  5. Dear Desert Rose,

    You have such a funny/wonderful family! The comments make me LMAO (25 cents in the cuss jar).

    I'll bet that you have more western shoes than Imelda Marcos had. They're beyootiefull! No wonder the Pony Cousins are jealous.

    Check their luggage next time they visit... PG sounds dangerous. LOL.

    Yours Truely,
    Garlic Man aka Guapo Man

  6. PG/PG got the thongs at stateline tack store in the PNW 5 years ago. The painted mules were from the Rodeo parade I rode in last summer. They had a small expo and we went shopping after, one store had really great stuff and I went a bit crazy!
    JA...thanks for stopping by, "Wenglish" is a very clever name and you can do it with any horse. Your Indian name could be "She who rides with REDCOAT" (code for english army) have fun with it we sure do!

  7. garlic Man...PONY GIRL is very dangerous, she once stole the shirt right off my back!

  8. Hi DR,
    I love your collection of shoes! Thanks for sharing it, cute blog. You asked about my mare's feet, well they have the surface cracks but the last farrier gave up on her and little by little her hooves broke off into quarter cracks with all the things he was trying. She had almost nothing left on one front foot and I had had it! She could hardly walk! I called another farrier to get a second opinion. He said it was ridiculous! Mentioned that he didn't want to make any promises for her but he's done an excellent job and she even moves differently now too at the lope. Doing great! Break over shoes now are what she has. The farrier said that he knew the past farrier and has invited him to some of his seminars to learn more but he won't do it. All six of our horses were done wrong but we're slowly getting them right. I feel just horrible but we believed what he told us at the time and had him for years. We were novices when we began and didn't know what a good farrier was I and bad our best buddies have to pay for our lack of knowledge. Have a good evening!

  9. Yo Cuz! You need to stop by my blog and enter the drawing, which is Saturday. Jesse would look good. Can't win if you don't play.

  10. LOL if I could find flip flops like that I would wear flip flops LOL

  11. Wow, my little eye has not spied most of these cowgirl shoes during my visits ~ have you been holding out on the pony cousins?!!!

  12. Yes...when you belong to a family like mine...PONY GIRLS< you hide any and evrything that some one might pretends looks better on them, than me!

  13. Fabulous shoes. I covet them all!
    I'm embarassed of my own paltry shoe collection which amounts to less than I can count on two hands...and most of them are much boots! hehe
    But they're pretty muck you'd like...with leopard print! :D

    I wish you'd shoe shop for me. My problem is I don't much care for shopping because 1)I never have enough time 2)My kids are always with me 3)I never know the best places to shop to find great stuff with good deals




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Jesse and his Desert Rose!